Sunday, February 3, 2013

Then We have Alleged Donny Long Trying to Get Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox to write on a Blog named KaidenTompkins dotcom. What is that About? More RICO Material?

"@CrystalLCox1 If you want to help update  blog from pornwikileaks I am uploading to a server now ill give u a password"


I had no idea who that is, so I "Google" it, and wow, it seems to be a child, so here we have what looks to NOT be Donny Long, but SEEMS to be J. Malcom DeVoy or connections with or is Sean Tompkins, Tara Akinlose, Michael Whiteacre, Mercedes Ashley, and they want me to have a password to attack a child?

WoW. And yet massive domain names, intellectual property, was taken from me, protective orders against me, gag orders against a Nevada Court CONTROLLED by Porn Industry Attorneys.. and. hate, intimidation, threats to me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and a Public Lynching of me, chimed in by Forbes Bitch Kashmir Hill and NPR Bob Garfield because I bought a domain name I DID NOTHING WITH, to make fun of a DUMB EVIL FATHER, and here we have actual threats and hate associated to a child and they DO Nothing about it. Guess J. Malcom DeVoy and his Bitch (Boss Man) only works for the DEVIL and not the Good of Children.

So I guess I will go ahead and Assume that Attorney J. Malcom DeVoy, is doing the "Iight work" for Sean Tompkins as Text Messages to me and Forum Posts flat out say, and I will assume that J. Malcom DeVoy is trying to set me up for his dumb ass, EVIL, revengeful, ABOVE THE LAW Boss.

So, is J. Malcom DeVoy, Sean Tompkins, Tara Akinlose, Michael Whiteacre, Mercedes Ashley, and the Gang Running the Donny Long Websites and Twitter Accounts?

Is Donny Long Dead or Alive, Seriously you DumbAsses. Email doe not prove someone is Alive. I get emails from Elvis all the time.

For more on this Story, as we get more information Check Out
Not Sure who she is, but going to Find Out.

oh and again, if you KILL me, others will take the story, you may as well start ratting each other out now..

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