Thursday, February 14, 2013

What the Fuck is this? You Dumb asses trying to get a Value on my Mother's 4 Wheeler? Really, I have millions in Debt, and as the Obsidian Docket Shows I have a Debt Declaration Filed there, and Massive Debt to Dentists, Doctors, the IRS, and More and you want a 13 year old 4-wheeler of my Mom's, REALLY? What to you want to do, auction it off to Pay to Serve Counter Defendants? Go Ahead Fucktards, Geez you are Grasping.

Polaris Companies Encino, California Googles "Randazza", too Funny. 

Really? You want my Mother's 13 year old 4 Wheeler, and you don't even have a judgement against me, YET? What a stupid SHITHEAD you are.. ???

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