Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Vexatious Conduct" "Defamation WITH Actual Malice" "Filing a SLAPP Suit in Revenge of Ex-Client" "Retaliatory Lawsuits KING" "First Amendment SUPPRESSION Expert" "Freedom of Expression STOMPER" "Hypocritical Attorney" KING of "Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation" BET Ya Can't GUESS Who it is?

Quote from the Rakofsky V. the Internet Case

"1. SLAPP is a common acronym for “strategic litigation against public participation.”  SLAPP suits are retaliatory lawsuits brought to harass, intimidate, and burden defendants engaged in First Amendment-protected expression that the plaintiff dislikes."

Crystal Cox Rant:  As if this ALLEGED Jackass IDIOT Attorney knows what a real SLAPP "retaliatory lawsuit" is.  What a Hypocritical, vexatious, cruel, EVIL, unethical, unconstitutional BUNCH Of BULLSHIT this Asshole is Spewing.
Have you Seen the Massive SLAPP Down of Investigative Blogger Crystal COX by this Same EVIL Fucktard THUG in District of Nevada Case Number 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL ? 
See the LAW and the Constitution ONLY applies to who this Gatekeeper of the First AMENDMENT and Controller of the Courts Say it DOES.

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