Saturday, February 23, 2013

District of Nevada Sure does alot of things Different then Oregon.

In Oregon when something was Stricken from the Record, it was still a viewable document on Pacer, in the court system, yet in the District of Nevada to Protect Certain attorneys, probably, the document is unviewable, see this way, he can do this same thing to other unsuspecting victims aKa Defendants.

So if you want to see anything that has been CENSORED, or add me to your Class Action legal case, eMail me at or at, the information will also soon be viewable in and eBook on this case and in Bar Complaints, Attorney General Complaints, Criminal Complaints, RICO Complaints and More.

Also Stricken from the Record was a RICO Complaint with a RICO Statement.

Guess We Know who Owns the District of Nevada Courts.

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