Friday, February 22, 2013

Pro Se Defendant / Pro Se Counter Plaintiff Crystal Cox Further Denied Due Process of Law and Constitutional Rights in District of Nevada. Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox's Answer to the Complaint is Stricken. Pro Se Counter Plaintiff Crystal Cox's Counter Complaint is Stricken. Judge Refuses to Sign Conflict Disclosure and Refused to Recluse. I, Crystal Cox have never EVER Had Equal Rights or ANY Rights in the District Nevada and Neither do Any of YOU. No need to Disqualify? Are you Kidding? Never FORGET, Randazza Legal Group, the Porn Industry, the Mafia, Liberty Media Holdings, OWNS the District of Nevada and if they want your Online Sites, your Domain Names, your MONEY, they will Damn Well Take Them, and if you Fight Back, they will STRIKE your Answer. There is NOTHING you can do about it. The Law and the Constitution ONLY applies to the Attorneys who get Special Privilege to Flat Out Lie, Defame, SLAPP, Harass, Threaten and Intimidate who ever they please.

YaY for EVIL. the Attorneys who LIE, Commit Fraud on the Court, Ruin Lives, Threaten, Defame and Harass GET whatever they WANT. Evil Prevails in the DISTRICT of NEVADA and the Puppet Master Reigns KING... YaY for the Devil.. 

Folks if you Think you Have ANY Rights in the District of Nevada Think Again. 

No matter how much you speak the Truth, the Plaintiff Flat out Lies. You Lose, why?

Because the District of Nevada Court is Conflicted and the Laws and the Constitution of the United States of America is Moot in the Judge Gloria Navarro's Court in the District of Nevada.  Attorneys are Above the Law, this case should prove this to you, read the documents, if you can't find them, eMail me at or at .  This Nevada SLAPP suit was in PURE Defamatory Retaliation, Riddled with Lies and Judge Gloria Navarro protects the Plaintiff, and NOT just in this case, Do your Homework. Righthaven, ViaView and more... see whose Paycheck was the most Important.. Pattern and History? In my Opinion, YOU BET!

Justice, in my Opinion, NO Way and NO Chance of It.

Mob Money, Porn Money, Organized Crime, Thugs, Bullies and Above the Law Attorneys RULE the District of Nevada and You have NO RIGHTS, Period.

Judge Gloria M. Navarro Strikes my Complaint Answer, Strikes my Counter Complaint and Now I have to file an "Amended Answer" to their unjust, unconstitutional, bullying, flat out lying complaint?

Judge Gloria M. Navarro sure seems to be protecting massive Tech Companies, Big Media, WIPO, Porn Companies, Big Law Firms, and more in one SWOOP of simply Striking a MAJOR legal action with VALID Conspiracies. Dig Deep Folks, if you Want the TRUTH, you will have to Read Massive Documents and Find it.  You could be THEIR Next VICTIM.

It's all about the ATTORNEYS Pay Check and Your Life, your Domain Names, your Business, your Livelihood, that is all simply collateral damage to the VERY Important Life, MONEY, and quality of life of the Las Vegas Elite Attorneys who are ABOVE the Law and are the Gatekeepers of who the Constitution of the United States Applies to.

"Notice of Electronic Filing 

The following transaction was entered on 2/22/2013 at 2:34 PM PST and filed on 2/22/2013 
Case Name:Randazza et al v. Cox et al
Case Number:2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL
Document Number:89
Docket Text: 

ORDER Granting [48] Plaintiff' Motion to Strike Defendant Crystal Cox's Answer. Defendant must file her Amended Answer no later than 3/11/13, to prevent a default judgment. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that [48] Plaintiffs' original Motion to Strike or Dismiss the Initial Counter Complaint is MOOT. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that [63] Plaintiffs' Motion to Strike Defendant Crystal Cox's Amended Counter Complaint is GRANTED. Defendant's Counter Complaint is STRICKEN. Defendant may only file her Counter Complaint as a separate lawsuit. Signed by Judge Gloria M. Navarro on 2/22/13. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - mailed order to Defendant Crystal Cox - EDS)"

A Nevada Attorney Completely Violates the Rights of a Defendant he Targets. Completely Ignores the Constitution of the United States of America, Defames Her, Threatens Her, Harasses her and gets his way. And they call this JUSTICE in the District of Nevada. 

Look at this Opposite Defense, Yet this Attorney, the Plaintiff in My Case RULES the WORLD, and Does as he Pleases, he is Above the Law and that is a Fact.

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