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Mulvihill and Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog INTERNET Mobbing, Organized Crime, Alleged Criminal and Civil Conspiracy / RICO Alleged by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. This Internet Mobbing Gang, with alleged members such as Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog, they take one email out of many, they take a facebook post, a judges words out of context or old archived comments and posts they intentionally, maliciously paint a picture in the "legal blogsphere" to RUIN the lives of their targets and get their INTENDED RESULTS. They do this to win court cases, and to wipe out competition, oh and to Remove internet sites Exposing THEM. In my Opinion, and according to my Research and Personal Experience, They are GUILTY of Defamation, Harassment, Criminal Endangerment, Intentional Infliction, RICO Crimes and More. Yet they are a gang of attorneys and they have BIG Media Backing, and huge money such as Jordan Rushie Client Liberty Media Holdings. And therefore They are Above the LAW and will NOT be Found Guilty. YOU LOSE !!

This post in it's Entirety, as with this Entire Blog, is written upon the belief, knowledge, and interpretation of Knowledge of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. 

Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog is one of many gang stalking, internet mobbing attorneys, bloggers, who work with the Legal Satyricon, and other Internet Mobbing ALLEGED Co-Conspirators  to "shakedown" clients, Defendants, and even their own Plaintiffs (clients), in order to win court cases, remove online competition and Retaliate against Whistle Blowers / Insiders, exposing them.

Supreme Court of the State of New York; County of New York, Case Number 105573-2011 (Rakofsky v. The Internet) is one such case, and so is District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL.

Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog attacks his victims without paying any attention to KNOWN Facts. This is against the LAW and it is NOT protected by the First Amendment, see these gang stalking, internet mobbing attorneys, bloggers, knowingly post FALSE information, with actual malice, to deliberately commit fraud on the courts and create a false version of reality.

Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog, Says 
"The legal blogosphere did some more investigating and found it got worse."

Source of

Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog IS a Spineless Coward and is Full of SHIT.

These EVIL Gang Stalkers love to PRETEND they are ALL for the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and the First Amendment Rights of ALL. Thing is they are Certainly Not, when those rights ALLOW bloggers, such as me, to expose their alleged ILLEGAL, immoral, unethical activity.
Side Note:   You BOYS Fucked with the WRONG Bitch. I will Fight to the Death. And your constant threats of bye bye, attacks, ruining my life, suppressing me, stealing from me and making me a pauper, well OH WELL. I Fear No Evil and If I Die for THIS, So Be It. At least I will NOT Die a Coward, and the TRUTH will LIVE ON.
So about this torrid, FAKE, love affair these gang stalking, internet mobbing attorneys, bloggers have with the First Amendment: See they LOVE Times vs. Sullivan, GIVES them a Real Boner they CALL a "shimmery force field of First Amendment protection", they have even PULLED it out of their ASSES in their SLAPP suit against me, District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL, as a DEFENSE to my accusing them of DEFAMING ME.

Thing is, Times V. Sullivan seems pretty clear to me that if you KNOWINGLY post False Allegations, with actual malice, then you OWE me a BUNCH of MONEY. You cannot KNOWINGLY post I am guilty of extortion (False Information) when you KNOW (Actual Malice) that I did not commit Extortion, and deliberately, knowingly cause me intentional harm and broadcast this as fact, thereby causing me deliberate, irreparable harm? Then claim a Cloak of Armor in Times Vs. Sullivan, that's PURE hypocritical HOGWASH.

And boy do they know I am not guilty of Extortion, see I emailed the Puppeteer aKa Plaintiff, and he claims it to be extortion, oh, or implied extortion you see.. and, well the Puppeteer aKa Plaintiff was my attorney for a brief few days, attempting to STOP my Ninth Circuit Appeal of Obsidian V. Cox, and the Puppeteer aKa Plaintiff, knew I did not extort anyone.

He had all the emails, all the facts and he knew that there was no investigation, no guilt, yet in a whistle blower retaliation, criminal endangerment, paint in false light, WITH actual malice hate campaign, hate crime, the Puppeteer aKa Plaintiff broadcast EVERYWHERE that I was GUILTY of Extortion. the Puppeteer aKa Plaintiff had Actual Malice and therefore cannot hide behind the Skirt tails of Times v. Sullivan, though YES I now am a "Public Figure" and all. 

The other ALLEGED Co-Conspirators of District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL knew also, as the information was easily found, one of them Tracey Coenen of Sequenceinc.com - the Fraud Files, even posted on her blog, my comments that I was not under investigation nor convicted of Extortion, but she went ahead and accused me of it anyway. She claims to be a Fraud Investigation EXPERT, yet did not investigate the facts? Or did she and post knowingly? Well she admits on her blog to knowing I say I was not under investigation of Extortion nor convicted of Extortion, so she sure SEEMS to me to be guilty of Defamation, with actual malice. This is just one example of this Internet Mobbing Gang set to ruin lives without facts, but with plenty of ACTUAL MALICE. The worst being Kashmir Hill of Forbes, Portland Oregon Tonkon Torp Attorney David S. Aman, Peter L. Michaelson WIPO Panelist and David Carr of the New York Times.

So you See TIMES vs. Sullivan would not work in a Non-Corrupt Court. 
Luckily, for the Bad Guys, there is NOT one in Site of this Case.

Times v. Sullivan Says, "Held: A State cannot, under the First and Fourteenth Amendments, award damages to a public official for defamatory falsehood relating to his official conduct unless he proves "actual malice"--that the statement was made with knowledge of its falsity or with reckless disregard of whether it was true or false. Pp. 265-292."

See, the Alleged Co-Conspirators of District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and the Puppeteer aKa Plaintiff, YES, did Speak on a "Public Official" interchangeable with "Public Figure", ME, however, I CAN prove they had actual malice, they new, many were insiders in my case and new there were more emails and proof of NO Extortion, new that EXTORTION was not a factor relating to my cases.

Yet they used EXTORTION as a Weapon, as a Reason to RUIN me, Defame me, Lynch Me, put me in danger, steal my intellectual property, deny my rights, and irreparably damage me, and EXTORTION was NOT a factor in my case, nor was I under investigation for EXTORTION, and they all knew this. THEY had Actual Malice, which is Easily Proven to a Neutral, non-Corrupt Court, should one turn up, or even exist.

No worries of them getting an actual judgement for Defaming me, threatening me, stalking me, intimidating me, SEE they are ABOVE the Law and Control the Courts. I don't post this as a woe is me, I want to WIN, I already LOST. I post this to EXPOSE their Big Dumb Asses, and Show you how their SCHEME works, to help you avoid their TIRADE. And to help you to FIGHT BACK.

And when they RULE unethically and conflicted in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL, I will be filing criminal complaints as I fully believe they are all acting in conspiracy, and I will be filing a Ninth Circuit Appeal, in order to expose them ALL further, I do this for the Greater Good.

In the Obsidian V. Cox case, my case, they ganged up on me to flat out state over and over that I was guilty of Extortion. Yet I was not even on trial for, nor under investigation for extortion. They then, posted all manner of lies about me and my sources in order to silence me, intimidate me. They even emailed my and gave, not so subtle threats to try and stop me from my Ninth Circuit Appeal as they did not want my precedence to affect their REALITY.

Obsidian V. Cox will change the GAME for ALL Citizen Bloggers, Whistle Blowers, and will level the playing field between traditional journalists and investigative bloggers.

Obsidian V. Cox already creates amazing legal briefs in support to BIG Media having NO Monopoly on Free Speech ANYMORE. Read the Documents of the Appeal, and if you need to know if I am a "scammer", "extortionist" or whatever, in order to believe that bloggers and journalists should have equal protection under the law and the constitution of the United States, then read ALL documented facts of my case to FULLY understand the TRUTH..

If you really care about the original case I was exposing in Obsidian V. Cox, check out





Or just listen to the "Opinion" of your Favorite "Legal Commentary" BLOGGER of the "Legal Blogsphere" and don't think for yourself or read the actual facts. 

Remember Folks, as you read all those "Legal Commentary" Crystal L. Cox Haters, and listen to the "legal blogsphere", first of all think for yourself and secondly remember in the Obsidian V. Cox NINTH Circuit Appeal which is the most important case of our times for Citizen Journalists, Investigative Bloggers, Whistle Blowers and New Media Free Press, that as they TRASH talk me, remember that in an APPEAL, no NEW evidence or argument can come in, and as they spew HATE on how I messed up my Case going Pro SE, realize that the APPEAL is my Case, the Attorney has to use the defense I, myself, preserved in the Lower Court, they cannot enter in new information or evidence. So yes my Attorney, is the Worlds BEST Constitutional Rights Attorney, and he is the ONLY Real, Ethical Constitutional Rights Hero out there, and yes he has presented this case in an ACTUAL Legal Commentary way that will go down in history, however, NOTE that I preserved this defense in my representation of myself. So look DEEPER Then the FAKE, Illusion of "Legal Commentary" of the "Legal Blogsphere" controlled by the ALLEGED Co-Conspirators of District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL.

See most believe, and even hang on every word of this GANG, that acts as if they are just attorneys from all over the country creating  "Legal Commentary" in the "legal blogsphere" , when the Truth is, they are conspiring, in order to affect certain outcomes to very high DOLLAR legal cases.

Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog, Breaking Media LLC (AbovetheLaw.com ), Eric Turkewitz of theTurkewitz Law Firm,  J. Malcom DeVoy and the Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group, Mark Bennett of Bennett and Bennett Law Firm and the blog blog.BennettandBennett.com, Scott H. Greenfield of blog.SimpleJustice.us,, Thomas Reuters, NPR Bob Garfield, David Carr of the New York Times, Kashmir Hill of Forbes, Tracy L. Coenen of the Fraud Files Sequenceinc.com,  NewyorkPersonalInjuryAttorneyBlog.com, SiouxsieLaw.com, SaltyDroid.info Jason Jones, Christopher L. Jorgensen and more alleged co-conspirators NEED to be EXPOSED.

To this day, they continue to use their power and knowledge of the "legal blogosphere" to create FALSE, misleading, illusionary "Legal Commentary" to turn into the courts as evidence and to use against their clients, former clients and in retaliation of whistle blowers exposing their dangers, lucrative scheme.

This Internet Mobbing / Gang Stalking Group take one email out of many, they take a facebook post, or old archived comments and then they paint a picture of their victims such as Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and Joseph Rakofsky that is intentionally false. They do this to win court cases, retaliate against whistle blowers and control people they don't like or who compete with them in the search engines.

In my Opinion, and according to my Research and Personal Experience, They are GUILTY of Defamation, Harassment, Criminal Endangerment,Intentional Infliction, RICO Crimes and More. Yet they are a gang of attorneys and they have BIG Media Backing, and huge money such as Jordan Rushie Client Liberty Media Holdings. And therefore They are Above the LAW.

Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog, Says "The legal blogosphere did some more investigating and found it got worse."

Source of

"legal blogosphere" meaning CONTROLLED Opposition in a way, meaning their version of reality they want the COURTS and the VICTIMS to believe so they get paid larger settlements, and Faster negotiations. Nothing works better for their Settlement Negotiations then for them to harass, intimidate, SLAPP, over bill, pressure, and paint their clients in false light. Especially if it's a, HEY its NOT ME, see its the  "Legal Commentary" of the "legal blogosphere". They said it so it must be true, see Judge, here is my PROOF.. NOT !!!

Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog, and alleged co-conspirators, control the "legal blogosphere". Another words they ensure that the public at large, those involved in their legal cases, and the judges in those cases, view the details, facts of the matter in small, out of context pieces that benefit their version of reality, to WIN THEIR CASES, under False Evidence Appearing Real.

See this "legal blogosphere" attorney lynch mob and their big media and big money connections painting their target in false light intentionally and with actual malice, is "Legal Commentary" according to Judge Gloria M. Navarro in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL, and was used to STEAL my life's work, harass me, defame me, intimidate me, paint me in false light, strip me of my First Amendment Rights, Freedom of Expression Rights, Due Process Rights, and Free Speech Rights. All because of False, ALLEGED, "Legal Commentary" from the FAKE, Controlled, Illusion of the "legal blogosphere".

Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog is "Captain Obvious", and Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog, claimed to do some "investigating" in my case as well. However really Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog, "Captain Obvious" posted a Crazy Crystal Cox video and flat out lied about Defendant / Counter Plaintiff Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, posted false statements, targeted a mother of 3, my CPA whisteblower in a 40 Million Dollar Oregon Bankruptcy, and continues to use this same KNOWINGLY false information to Defame me, Harass me, Intimidate me.
Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog is is EVIL, and his action, SAYS Defendant / Counter Plaintiff Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, are Criminal, are Racketeering, RICO, and flat out Against the LAW.
And meanwhile Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog is "Captain Obvious", is alleged to be guilty of a Hate Crime in Doing So, as well as Criminal Endangerment in in RICO Violations as it seems that Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog is "Captain Obvious" did the same thing to Joseph Rakofsky.

PHILLY says "Why would the judge say such mean things about Rakofsky on the record? According to Rakofsky:"  What a bunch of BULLSHIT, says Blogger Crystal Cox.

 Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog wants you to think, in your fantasy land of the mind, that JUDGES don't lie, judges are not corrupt or conflicted and that no way would a judge IMPLY or flat out say something MEAN, and UNTRUE? Well Yep, it happened in the Obsidian Finance Group V. Crystal Cox New Trial Motion DENIAL and it happened in the Joseph Rakofsky case, and I am sure countless others.

This gang stalking Internet Mobbing attorney lynch mob are a powerful group of attorneys. See they get the "Internet", whereby most attorneys and Judges do not. So they simply BLOG the outcome they want in a case, in each others case, in conspiracy to GET them Paid Quicker and to Remove their Competition. Such as in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL., oftentimes they file a legal case, as they have instant access the Electronic Filing Court Docket, and they they use this gang stalking Internet Mobbing attorney lynch mob to paint a picture of their side of the case, BEFORE they even attempt to SERVE their Victims aKa Defendants.

This gang stalking Internet Mobbing attorney lynch mob's behavior is dangerous to their targets. And if you don't understand the "internet", SEO, and the power of the search engines, then you would simply believe this gang of Internet Mobbing attorneys was giving you facts on legal cases, thing is they are no were near neutral on these cases. They are financially involved, connected to each other and they do this over and over as the record shows.

This gang of Internet Mobbing attorneys cannot be stopped, as they are Above the Law, they Control the Courts and they have massive Porn Industry Money behind them disguised as the "First Amendment Protection". And they have insiders at Godaddy, Google, Wordpress, Forbes, Fox News and more big media connections. Add to this Liberty Media Holdings, whom own a massive amount of media companies and Ronald D. Green, his Alleged Mafia Ties Boss, and Jordan Rushie have Liberty Media Holdings as a client.

These THUGS are untouchable, they OWN the courts,
and whatever domain name, blog, website they want, they will simply take it. Whatever perception they want taken / given / perceived in a lawsuit, they will create the "Legal Commentary" to back it up, on their mirage, fake, paint in false light, IT'S a Set UP "legal blogsphere" blogs.  Then they print out these  "legal blogsphere" / "Legal Commentary" and enter them onto the court docket for a JUDGE, often times, I believe in conspiracy with them, to take these blog printouts as actual documented facts and use them to STEAL massive domain names, wipe out large amounts of online content that exposes them, and gives them and INSTANT massive, unfair advantage in the search engines. See I got to the top of the search engines with dozens of domain names and blogs, and they simply wiped them OUT. No due process, no first amendment adjudication, NO Rights what so ever.

They even use their WINS, their Easily Gotten Preliminary INJUNCTIONS as Instant Precedence for their clients to take other victims blogs and domain names, such as Manwin Vs. Bulgin. Where SUDDENLY the Sucks sites are Trademark Violations when these same attorneys, companies once fought the opposite defense.

This gang of Internet Mobbing attorneys twist the facts, lie to judges, pull archaic laws out their asses to win cases, then take the exact opposite stance to win others, such as the massively hypocritical Ranaan Katz case, let's see are we FOR or against adjudication of the first amendment, I can't remember?  

Let's see are we FOR or against preliminary injunctions, I can't remember? I am a Fucktard Attorney who abuses my power, and commits constant fraud on the courts.. check this one out..

Yet these same Evil Assholes, TOOK my BLOGS, Domain Names, Intellectual property BEFORE and without any  adjudication of the first amendment.

My VALID Objections, IGNORED by a Judge who refuses to Admit or Deny Conflicts




Judge Refuses to Admit Conflict or to Remove herself from My Case. THIS is MY LIFE, I have Rights, and these Assholes just strip me of them for their own personal gain.

""ORDER Granting  Docket Document 2
 Motion for Temporary Restraining Order. Motion Hearing set for 1/7/2013 03:00 PM in LV Courtroom 7D before Judge Gloria M. Navarro re 2 Motion for Preliminary Injunction. Responses due by 12/28/2012. Replies due by 1/4/2013. Signed by Judge Gloria M. Navarro on 12/14/2012. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - SLR) (Entered:12/17/2012), Document Entry 14


Let's see are we Fucktard Attorneys FOR or against those "Sucks" Sites those Gripe sites, those Parody or Satire Sites, those sites that BITCH about others on the Internet??? Gee, I am a FUCKTARD Plaintiff Puppeteer and I just I can't remember?  

Note who the Hypocritical Fucktard, Puppet Master Attorney Defending this Domain Name is:


Side Note:  this guy does NOT defend "Sucks" sites and Parody Sites Anymore. He has recovered from all that First Amendment Nonesense.


Yet this same Puppet Master took my Parody Sites, Satire Sites, Suck Sites.
WOW, must be Nice to OWN THE COURTS.

Let's see are we Fucktard Attorneys FOR or against those those SLAPP Lawsuits, I just can't remember? Check out the Link Below to JOG your Hypocritical Memory.

This gang of Internet Mobbing attorneys flat out lied about a .me domain name and countless others, and because they are Legal Commentary from the Legal Blogsphere, whatever they say is LAW, Facts, and well, ME, with truckloads of documented proof, I am just a BLOGGER, a Woman, and some online Yapper trying to Defame, Take Trademarks and Copyrights by Bitching about the Trademarks and Copyrights Attorney, Gatekeeper Thugs.
Sidenote: Copyright THIS.
Hey Jordan Rushie, Ronald D. Green and the Bitch you Rode in on: Fuck YOU, you Evil, Conniving, Manipulating, Cruel, Life Endangering, Life Ruining, Mother Fuckers.
Personally, I know that I won't Win, District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL  I lost in the first month. They already wiped out massive content, stole domain names, changed and redirected servers, threatened me, harassed me, caused ireparrable harm and all without First Amendment Adjudication of any kind. They even want massive amounts of money in attorney fees and $100,000 for each domain name that existed without there permission, even from Defendant Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Technology who never posted a word on any of them.

The Plaintiff once negotiated as my attorney on these same issues, yet Malpractice seems to be IGNORED. They are ALL above the Law, and you have NO RIGHTS, Period.

If any documents are gone from this post and you want a copy, please eMail me at SavvyBroker@Yahoo.com OR ReverendCrystalCox@Gmail.com or at Crystal@CrystalCox.com  - the LEGAL Blogsphere Gate Keepers, get my blogs removed ALL the TIME, so who knows that will be here or there when you find this blog post.

Crystal L. Cox
Pro Se Defendant
Pro Se Counter Plaintiff
Altruistic Investigative Blogger

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