Sunday, February 24, 2013

District of Nevada Judge Gloria Navarro: Ever Heard of a Court Blocking a Counter Complaint? Especially after the Court Gave the Defendant Months to Serve Counter Defendants. Plaintiff Was also a Counter Defendant and did not bother to answer the Complaint, he Knew it would be Dismissed and they say NOPE, NO Conspiracy HERE. One Counter Defendant even accepted service and it never made it to the court docket. Geez, anyone see an Possible Corruption in the District of Nevada? NOPE.. Turn your Heads and let the Victims Suffer at the hands of Taxpayer Money Paid to Judges Doing the Bidding for "Constitutional Attorneys".

An alleged Constitutional Rights Lawyer sues a blogger and takes away her constitutional rights, rights to due process and works with a Judge to Unconstitutionally Tie the hands of the Defendant and force Defendant to fight only the claims asserted by Plaintiff, who is the  Constitutional Rights Lawyer.

It is Unconstitutionally to BAN a Defendant from Filing a counter complaint where claims can be asserted that are different than those asserted by Plaintiff.

Judge Gloria Navarro FORBID Defendant / Counter Plaintiff Crystal Cox from filing a Counter Claim, this is unlawful and unconstitutional. Judge Gloria Navarro refuses to remove herself from this case, though her conflict is blatant and obvious.

Judge Gloria Navarro allowed counter claim, all counter defendants were on the docket, months past, an amended counter claim was filed. One Defendant, Roxanne Grinage filed a document of accepting service, Judge Gloria Navarro never allowed this onto the docket, why? This was a month ago.

Judge Gloria Navarro, to favor Plaintiff, his Law Firm and to Favor Ronald D. Green, formerly of Greenberg Traurig, simply stuck my 169 page counter claim from the record. This also protects massive co-conspirators, huge tech and media companies, reporters and more. All in one sweep of an unconstitutional DELETION of a Pro Se Litigant / Defendants Answer to a Complaint

Plaintiff used this complaint to further defame Crystal Cox and flat out lie about Crystal Cox. Plaintiff has lies riddled throughout the filings and motions and they are all Firmly on the docket. Yet my TRUTH, my Defense is removed from the permanent record to protect Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza, Ronald D. Green, Greenberg Traurig and all the Counter Defendants I legitimately named.

The Courts placed all Counter Defendants on the Docket months ago, if it was not proper to have made the claims, I Pro Se Defendant, Pro Se Counter Plaintiff Crystal Cox made then why not strike my Counter Claim before putting it on the docket. Why Strike it Months Later? Well, in my opinion to protect corruption, and PROTECT the Plaintiff. And possible Porn Industry Money and Mafia Money.

Judge Gloria Navarro has allowed Plaintiff and co-conspirators to threaten me and my sources, to act outside of the law, to harass defendants as his own attorney, to put my life in danger, to accuse me of a Crime in public documents that I have not been on trial for or had due process or and yet we are to believe that Judge Gloria Navarro is neutral and has no conflict of interest that would have her reclused, removed, disqualified in this case?

Judge Gloria Navarro is an Unconstitutional Judge, she gives Plaintiff Law Firm Unconstitutional Preliminary Injunctions whenever he asks for it. Judge Gloria Navarro has taken my rights, my personal property, put my life in danger, and ruined the quality of my life all to protect the lies of this plaintiff in which he stated, and she accepted as fact with NO proof.

Judge Gloria Navarro has handcuffed me, Pro Se Defendant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and has DENIED me a DEFENSE entirely.

Judge Gloria Navarro has blocked me from an amended complaint because this court FEARS the charges and thus has evaded letting me merely fix the amended complaint.

Pro Se Defendant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL filed an amended complaint that certainly was relevant. Plaintiff accused me of conspiracy, I proved in my counter complaint that Plaintiff is the one involved in a conspiracy, Judge Gloria Navarro simply through this complaint out, stricken from the record.

In the Oregon Courts, though I do claim Judge Marco Hernandez was favoring the Plaintiff, and protecting Portland Corruption, at least he simply Denied my Counter Claim, he did not strike it from the record and Ban a Counter Complaint.

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Research "ViaView, Inc. v. Chanson et al", "Randazza V. Cox", "Liberty Media Holdings LLC v. FF Magnat Limited", The Righthaven Lawsuits, to start with and see if you don't see Pattern and History.

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