Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wa Wa, that Mean Ol' Blogger Crystal Cox called my Wife a SLUT. Her punishment shall be REMOVAL of her First Amendment Rights, Stealing her Domain Names, Deleting her Blogs, Publicly lying about her and Defaming her, harassing her, threatening her, accusing her of Crimes she has had no due process on and fining her hundreds of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, I, the Puppet Master will go on to DEFEND the WORLD to Call anyone a SLUT they want and to Buy Whatever Domain Name they want and have ANY blog name or title they want, after ALL the FIRST Amendment is FOR EVERYONE.. oh except that Blogger Calling me Names...

ahhh  Did somebody Call Somebodies Wife a SLUT? 
Or Go After Howie Carr's Wife? Ahh .. Get Over it Howie,
look at the Bigger Issue and Get Past your Hate of the Man.

OR Sue them, take their domain names, disgrace them, defame them !!!

Why is there a Profound National Freak Out About This... Geez.. Pull Up your Big Girl Panties and deal with it .. oh unless your the Puppet Master, then Sue and PUT an END to this Shit.

If anyone SHOULD defend someone who says SOMETHING unpopular and perhaps a little bit "Off Color" IT SHOULD BE YOU.. WoW.. it Should be WHO?

Can you Believe this asshole on the Right Sued a Blogger for all this Same "Off Color" Bullshit.
Check This Out

Talk about a LYING, Hypocritical, BUTTHURT Asshole.. oh and THUG and Bully.

What do you mean he went after your Wife HOWIE? You should have hired the Puppet master and his Reining King Position over the Courts, then there could have been MAGIC punishing those who would dare "go after your wife" as you say.

See Folks it's all in which Hypocritical, Devil Worshipping Attorney you HIRE at $500 an Hour. Oh and if he can't get a JOB, he will SUE YOU, and then have his court Slaves (Judges) Freeze your accounts and FORCE you to pay his $500 an hour FEES to SUE You for calling his wife a SLUT and saying Critical Things about him on this Big Ol' Naughty Internet.

The Puppet Master Says, He was Trying to Be Funny, and well that's not cool Howie, but step back from HATING the Man and think of the ISSUE.  Really? Yet the Puppet Master on the Right here, Hated a Blogger So much that he sued her, took her domain names, deleted her blogs, lied about her in WIPO Complaints, Defamed her, disgraced her, and continues to harass and intimidate her, ME, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, all because he could not STEP back from HATING the WOMAN and Look at the "Issue".

PUPPET MASTER QUOTE, "If we are going to tolerate FREE SPEECH, and we are going to LOVE Free Speech we gotta love it all"

oh Except for that Evil Bitch Crystal Cox calling me names and making Jokes about my Rabid, Dumb Ass and calling my Sweet Angel Wife a Slut.. then Free Speech SUCKS and I will take care of her, I Will Make her MY ENEMY and she will feel the PAIN I Inflict for a VERY LONG TIME... and the First Amendment and Free Speech will Be My Weapon to Destroy her..

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