Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tracy Coenen SHOULD not be Above the Law and have the Right to Defame, Trash or Lie About whom ever she wants to. Expose Tracy Coenen. File a Lawsuit Against Tracy Coenen with your facts and proof. One day she will be brought to JUSTICE.

"I was also a subject of one her hit piece blog posts:

She ends the blog post as follows:
Hutnik has a master’s degree in information systems and is supposedly looking for a job in his field. I don’t think he did himself any favors by tell his tale of woe to WalletPop. Imagine  being an employer interested in Hutnik and imagine doing a Google search. And up pops this article with him crying over not being able to feed at the government trough for more than three years. Would you hire him? I wouldn’t."

In short, Tracy has the power to keep me permanently unemployed, which I guess I deserve in her own mind."

Also Check Out

Blogger Crystal Cox SUES Tracy Coenen, She is Above the Law and Protected by Overreaching Judges and seemingly Corrupt Attorneys

Marc Randazza, attorney was also involved in the Marcus Evans Case, and the same Judge who dismissed Cox vs. Coenen in Illinois protected Tracy Coenen to defame these folks, and favored Porn Attorney Marc Randazza, Tracy Coenen's attorney in the case.

 Judge Matthew F. Kennelly was SWITCHED to Chicago Illinois Case #: 1:13-cv-03633 in order to PROTECT the interest of Tracy Coenen and Attorney Marc Randazza.

 Judge Matthew F. Kennelly dismissed the Crystal Cox case against Tracy Coenen, much more on that "Crystal Cox Crazy Train" coming Soon. as the TRUTH will one day be set free.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Are Sucks Sites, Gripe Site a Constitutional Right?

Marc Randazza TOOK with no respect for the First Amendment what So Ever.

Marc Randazza defends those who have "sucks" sites, yet sued a female blogger for having such a site that criticized him, and she did not even get due process, he simply got a court to Give him the domain name just like that.

Check Out the Documents, Motions and Rulings in this Case. Sucks sites are not legal to have, to build content. Google may talk about them, others may have them, but if you speak badly of First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza, he will take what he wants, paint you out to be the bad guy in big media and ruin your life and there is nothing you can do about it.

Docket to the WORLDS most Hypocritical Free Speech Case, SLAPP Lawsuit

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Does Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey have any Conflicts of Interest in Randazza v. Cox? A bit of research on Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey? Hopefully all these Nevada Judges will STOP the Porn Attorneys from their horrific, unlawful, unethical behavior

Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey Research Links

Dorsey survives whiff of scandal to become federal judge in Nevada

An Activist Judge? Well we could sure use one of those to STOP human trafficking in the Porn Industry and the THUG attorneys who aid and abet it like Marc Randazza (in my OPINION)

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa is a "bad guy" in my experience, knowledge and research so if he don't like her, hey maybe Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey is actually impartial and law abiding. Grassley is about as Good Ol' boy as it Gets. What Grassley did to Philip Falcone in support of Deere and Company, well that is nothing short of criminal in my OPINION. is a Marc Randazza buddy and a Kashmir Hill buddy, so I say don't trust anything they have to say about Anything..