Thursday, September 19, 2013

Does Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey have any Conflicts of Interest in Randazza v. Cox? A bit of research on Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey? Hopefully all these Nevada Judges will STOP the Porn Attorneys from their horrific, unlawful, unethical behavior

Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey Research Links

Dorsey survives whiff of scandal to become federal judge in Nevada

An Activist Judge? Well we could sure use one of those to STOP human trafficking in the Porn Industry and the THUG attorneys who aid and abet it like Marc Randazza (in my OPINION)

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa is a "bad guy" in my experience, knowledge and research so if he don't like her, hey maybe Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey is actually impartial and law abiding. Grassley is about as Good Ol' boy as it Gets. What Grassley did to Philip Falcone in support of Deere and Company, well that is nothing short of criminal in my OPINION. is a Marc Randazza buddy and a Kashmir Hill buddy, so I say don't trust anything they have to say about Anything..

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