Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nevada Court Documents Stated that Domains SHOULD Remain LOCKED at Godaddy, and if New Registrar, they ALSO Remained Locked. However Plaintiff ILLEGALLY Got Server Changed, with Godaddy Insider Co-Conspirator

These guys SHOULD not be above the LAW and they certainly should have to follow the UDRP Rules, and they CLEARLY Do not Follow the RULES and do whatever they want.

SHUT Down Massive Blogs because of a Last name of ONE MAN in one of the stories on a massive online media, by a blogger? Demanding all blogs, google accounts and anything connected to that name, WOW. Guess all "FAMOUS" people can just take the new york times, and all blogs, all websites just because their last name is mentioned.

Nevada Courts being ruled by this Hypocrisy, need Special Investigators to Pay Attention, this is NOT Right Folks, Look Deep.

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