Sunday, February 17, 2013

Experiencing EXTREME Butthurt? Here are Some Alternative to Fraud on the Courts, SLAPP Lawsuits, Free Speech Threats, Whiny Baby Attorney Legal Action, First Amendment Suppression Lawsuit, Chilling Effect Lawsuits, and WASTING Taxpayer Dollars Using the Court as your Private Game ROOM to STOMP on the Rights of Those WHO you Think the Constitution and the LAW Should Not Apply to.

In Cases of Extreme Butthurt, One may need to Use this Cream, BEFORE Filing
Millions of Dollars in FRIVOLOUS Legal Action in a Retaliating SLAPP Lawsuit against someone who said things on a blog that you did not agree with or was SMARTER then you and Bought a dotcom, that you FAILED to Buy in over a Decade, yet Claimed to BE an EXPERT in Domain Name Law.

APPLY Generously SO you are NOT Attempted to SUE
everyone WHO Don't Like ya OR thinks you are a Lying Hypocrite,
it COULD get Costly to the Taxpayers.

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