Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This ATTORNEY Stuffed "My Story" Exposing Him and his Conspirators, Yet Talks as If he is ALL About "Classic" First Amendment Protection? What a Crock of SHIT. I Guess he Believes this BULLSHIT is TRUE unless that Blogger is "passionate" about a STORY that Exposes his Dumb Ass, his Hypocrisy, his Flat out Lies and Abuse of the Courts and First Amendment Law To STUFF whatever story he wants STUFFED. And to take away the Constitutional Rights, First Amendment Rights, Intellectual Property Rights and Due Process Rights of who he DOES not LIKE or Approve Of.

So Why Did this ATTORNEY Stuff my Story? 

 Why is this First Amendment Messiah Sacred?

Why did he RUIN my Life for Upsetting his Apple Cart? is That not First Amendment Protected because it is him instead of the Football Team? Why is he defending a blogger passionate about a story but flat out WIPED out massive blogs of mine, and broke thousands of incoming links in an unconstitutional Preliminary Injunction?

What a Hypocrite, Seriously, Check Out

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