Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jerry Falwell LOSES, But Marc Randazza, First Amendment Guru LIES about Blogger Crystal Cox and Sole, Conflicted, WIPO Panelist Peter L. Michaelson GIVES him Domain Names he is NOT Legally Entitled To Own. Talk about Hypocrisy, Discrimination, Favoritism, oh and Whistleblowers Tell me that "they" have private meetings at Trademark Association Meetings. HAD no Trademark, Steals Domain Names. WIPO Aids and ABETS this THEFT then "Allows" Peter L. Michaelson to Defame Respondent Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein. This is UNLAWFUL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Reverend Dr. Jerry Falwell and The Liberty Alliance v. Gary Cohn, -

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Massively Fraudulent Defamatory WIPO Decision accusing Respondents of Crime they were not on Trial for nor Prosecuted Of.

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