Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Speech Messiah Sues Blogger Who Criticizes Him. Yet Defends this Blogger as Protected by the First Amendment. Talk about a Hypocrite. Sure Sounds Like a Free Speech Advocate YET Sues a BLOGGER for "disturbing his apple cart". A Blogger that won't let go of a story she is passionate about, and this MAN Defends her. Yet Sues Blogger Crystal Cox for Criticizing HIM?

The Law Needs to Look at Journalism as a Thing You Do and NOT Thing you ARE?

Is this an Original QUOTE ?, Nope. .. this statement is riddled through out the Obsidian V. Cox Case and the Appeal Briefs. The Documents of my Case say this OVER and OVER, yet now the Cronies of the Puppet Master act as if this is some Magic QUOTE By their Free Speech Messiah, who is actually a Free SPEECH Opponent if you can READ the FACTS.

So worship away, but KNOW that this Messiah (Impostor) did not say this FIRST that is For Sure. I am the Case Study for this TOPIC in Obsidian V. Cox, this man is quoting from my case, and at the same time SUING me to Suppress me. He negotiated on my Alleged behalf in Obsidian V. Cox, according to members of the First Amendment Bar, yet sues me to further defame me, take away my first amendment rights and teach me a lesson for criticizing him.

Hypocritical Super Hero Free Speech Messiah.

Yet Suing a Blogger Who is Exercising Her Free Speech Right
to Criticize him, Parody him, report on him, review him,
gripe about him, and poke fun at him. 

The Blogger Exposing the Story; a Hero Indeed

this Attorney a Free Speech Advocate? 
No.. Selectively Maybe, but in General NO WAY.

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