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Do Your Homework, Research and REPORT on the Biggest Technology Theft in the WORLD and the thousands of Co-Conspirators that Cover it Up. Proskauer Rose Patent Attorneys Stole the WORLDS most AMAZING Invention, we all have, unknowingly, used this Video Technology for over a DECADE, the Inventors Never Got Paid. Now Tonkon Torp Law Firm, David S. Aman and Steven Wilker out of Portland Oregon, having once Represented ENRON and Intel Corp. (INTC); and Las Vegas Attorney Ronald D. Green, formerly of Greenberg Traurig SUE iViewit inventor Eliot Bernstein and the Investigative Blogger who has been Reporting on the iViewit Stolen Technology Story for 4 years, in retaliation, to SILENCE the iViewit Technology Theft Media Outpouring. And to protect Companies, Clients such as Liberty Media, Manwin, Corbin Fisher, Viacom, Starz, Warner Bros., Intel Corp and More from 100's of Billions in Undisclosed Shareholder Liability each.


Allen Stanford Lawyer Sued by Receiver for Aiding Fraud
By Edvard Pettersson & Thomas Korosec - Feb 1, 2013 12:01 AM ET
A lawyer who worked for convicted financier R. Allen Stanford and two law firms that employed the attorney were sued by the receiver for Stanford’s business over claims they aided his Ponzi scheme.

The court-appointed receiver, Ralph Janvey, filed a complaint yesterday in federal court in Dallas. He accuses Thomas Sjoblom, the lawyer, and Proskauer Rose LLP, where Sjoblom was a partner from 2006 to 2009, and Chadbourne & Parke LLP, where Sjoblom was a partner from 2002 to 2006, of aiding and abetting Stanford’s fraudulent scheme.

Stanford, 62, was convicted in March of stealing more than $2 billion from depositors at his Antigua bank to finance a lavish personal lifestyle that included private jets, yachts and mansions. He is serving a 110-year term in a federal prison in Florida as he appeals his conviction and sentence.

Sjoblom, in the summer of 2005, joined a conspiracy at Houston-based Stanford Financial to obstruct a U.S. Securities Exchange Commission investigation into the Ponzi scheme, according to Janvey’s complaint.

“Sjoblom, who had 20 years of experience as a senior lawyer in the SEC’s Enforcement Division, spent the next four years delaying and obstructing the investigation by lying to the SEC,” Janvey said.

Receiver’s Allegations
The receiver accuses the lawyer of falsely stating that he had personally confirmed Stanford Financial wasn’t a Ponzi scheme, instructing Stanford Financial to hide documents from the SEC, misrepresenting the existence and nature of the SEC’s investigation to Stanford Group Co.’s auditors, and offering false testimony to the SEC.

Sjoblom didn’t immediately respond to an e-mail after regular business hours yesterday seeking comment on the lawsuit.

Nick Clark, a spokesman for Proskauer, had no immediate comment, and Andrew Blum, a Chadbourne spokesman, didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment on the lawsuit after regular business hours.

The case is Janvey v. Proskauer, 13-00477, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas (Dallas)."

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Proskauer Rose Law Firm has been involved in massive Finance Fraud for at least, well over a Decade. Proskauer Rose Lawyers cover up KNOWN Fraud, Shareholder Fraud, RICO Complaints, Patent Theft and more.


iViewit Technology is a Video Technology in which Proskauer Rose Patent Attorneys STOLE over a Decade ago. The inventors car was bombed, and a decade later, massive technology infringement and no money to the inventors or the iViewit Company.

Proskauer Rose Corruption / iViewit Technology Research Links

Proskauer Rose Crime Chart

Proskauer Rose Liability over iViewit

Proskauer Rose Named in SEC / FBI Complaint over iViewit Technology STOLEN

Patent Filing and Other Legal Documents

Proskauer Rose, Intel, Silicon Graphics

James Armstrong Marketing Letter

Proskauer Rose Confidentiality Agreement,%20INC.%20DEL%20PROSKAUER%20HAS%20CONFIDENTIALITY%20P30%20T.pdf

Arthur Andersen / Proskaur Rose (Ex Arthur Andersen CPA was ONLY Key Witness in Obsidian FInance Group V. Crystal Cox) (Eliot Bernstein of iViewit was added to Court Docket as Defendant, 5 months after Trial)  ( )

2002 11 20 Kenneth Rubenstein deposition statement that he does not have Iviewit patent documents = Contradictory evidence is a letter showing Christopher Wheeler sending him the entire Iviewit Patent Portfolio.

2003 09 02 Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division First Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee letter that was lost for months regarding holding off investigation of Kenneth Rubenstein, Proskauer Rose, Raymond Joao and Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolf & Schlissel.  

2001 01 17 Utley lists Kenneth Rubenstein as Board Director for SBA loan compliance documents and to Crossbow Ventures, this is contradicted in his deposition when he claims he never used Rubenstein as an advisor and Rubenstein had NOTHING to do with Iviewit, oops.

2001 01 22 Kenneth Rubenstein named as patent attorney in Wachovia Private Placement Memorandum

2002 01 14 AOLTW / Warner Bros. letter stating they are using the Iviewit technologies in violation of their NDA!!!

2001 01 Kenneth Rubenstein biography in the Wachovia Securities PPM and also listed as Iviewit PATENT Counsel.

2003 04 11 - Kenneth Rubenstein response authored by Proskauer attorney Steven C. Krane.  Krane was former New York State Bar Association President and former law clerk to New York Supreme Court Appellate Division, Krane was clerk for Chief Judge of New York, Judith Kaye who is also in conflict and abuse of public office as Kaye is married to a Porksour partner, who recently died, Stephen R. Kaye and Judith failed to take any actions when notified of the crimes in the courts she oversees!!!!!

2001 04 14 Brian Utley fingers Kenneth Rubenstein in the minutes of a Board Meeting calling him our advisor, this wholly contradicts his deposition statements whereby he claims Rubenstein was never an advisor.  OOPS

2002 01 15 - AOLTW / Warner Bros. letter stating technologists checked with Kenneth Rubenstein who opined favorably on the Iviewit patents.  This contradicts Rubenstein, Wheeler and Utley's statements under deposition and to the Florida Bar and the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee.  REMEMBER, RUBENSTEIN STATES HE KNOWS NOTHING AND PROSKAUER NEVER OPINED OR DID PATENT WORK.  ooooops

1999 01 08 Christopher Wheeler of Proskauer Rose letter regarding delaying getting back to inventor Bernstein after receiving patent disclosures.

2002 01 15 AOLTW / Warner Bros. investment due diligence letter stating that Rubenstein opined favorably on the patents.

1999 01 15 Proskauer letter regarding Iviewit Corporation a company that disappears although bills are generated through it.


1999 01 15 Proskauer letter regarding Iviewit Corporation, a company that does not exist or perhaps it is another Proskauer owned entity involved in theft of the patents through a complex shell game with identically named and similarly named companies

2002 11 21 Christopher Wheeler deposition stating he does not know about the video inventions = Contradictory evidence shows that Wheeler was sent video invention disclosures and then later in his deposition he claims to have been at video disclosure meeting with Intel and Real3D engineers.

1999 01 28 Letter from Iviewit to Albert Gortz of Proskauer Rose asking why Kenneth Rubenstein was not at Proskauer Rose as was told to Iviewit Shareholders and instead was found to be at Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolf & Schlissel

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