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Judge Gloria Navarro District of Nevada Knows that Ari Bass and Sean Tompkins, in connection to J. Malcom Devoy, Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group threaten women, beat woman, stalk women, harass women, and defame women. Yet Judge Gloria M. Navarro does nothing to protect Me, Blogger Crystal Cox nor my sources EXPOSING the Porn Industry. Judge Gloria M. Navarro is aiding and abetting stalking, identity theft, harassment, defamation, intellectual property theft and more. They TWEET about Monica Foster killing herself, as if they are her, and this is LEGAL in the DISTRICT of NEVADA. And this is NOT Defamation to Hypocrite Marc Randazza. But HUNTER Moore claiming Child Porn on the Site of James McGibney is worth $250,000? Really? Smells like Bribes, Pay Offs and Corruption To Me. Just in my OPINION, upon my knowledge and belief. SOMETHING Fishy Going on in the District of Nevada Judicial Chambers I Say.

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox informed Judge Gloria M. Navarro District of Nevada, long ago about what was going on with named defendants in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL.

Judge Gloria M. Navarro District of Nevada IGNORED my PLEA for a protective order against real threats, real danger, real stalkings and Judge Gloria M. Navarro aided and abetted Marc Randazza, J. Malcom Devoy, and Randazza Legal Group as she gave them protection from ME, in a TRO over a domain name, yet Judge Gloria M. Navarro District of Nevada IGNORE my life endangerment and the endangerment of my sources.

The above Tweet is connected to Sean Tompkins and Ari Bass, as well as J. Malcom DeVoy of Randazza legal group. YET, for some reason this is ok, this is NOT Defamation and this is totally acceptable to Marc Randazza and Judge Gloria Navarro.

The Porn Industry is WELL known to Stage Suicides and actually MURDER people. This kind of talk is serious, it is threatening, constant, and it happens all the time in the porn industry. And when the PORN INDUSTRY "big boys" want to SILENCE someone like me or Monica Foster, they do it.

They gang stalk, internet mob, threaten, harass, and put their mark under extreme DURESS. I, Pro Se Litigant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox have told Judge Gloria Navarro all of this, and Judge Gloria M. Navarro has IGNORED my STORY, in favor of those involved in this hateful, threatening, dangerous, defaming, horrific, constant behavior by NAMED Defendants of  District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL.  Actually they are not REALLY named defendants in Judge Gloria M. Navarro's court now, as she simply said NO to Pro Se Litigant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox  filing a VERY Relevant Counter Claim. Judge Gloria M. Navarro has denied me a protective order, denied my fighting back and let Marc J. Randazza Plaintiff in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL flat out lie, harass, defame, commit fraud on the court and deny me due process ( and don't forget I was once a MARK, I mean a Defendant in which Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group negotiated on behalf of in Obsidian V. Cox)

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox has given Judge Gloria M. Navarro District of Nevada proof of what these DANGEROUS men are doing to harass, stalk, threaten, intimidate, and attack Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox and her sources. Crystal Cox Blogger even named them all in a counter suit, with proof of what they were doing, and what did Judge Gloria M. Navarro District of Nevada do to remedy this MASSIVE Issue?

Well .... she just removed the counter complaint of Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox, and WaLa, problem solved.  Judge Gloria M. Navarro District of Nevada just shook the etch a sketch and no longer had to pay attention to the threats, stalking, MASSIVE Misogyny, prostitution rings, copyright trolls, fraud on the court and more.  Judge Gloria M. Navarro simply STRUCK my complaint answer and struck my counter complaint and Judge Gloria M. Navarro thought she would sweep all this corruption, conspiracy, hate, defamation, threats and more UNDER the RUG of her Court.

Judge Gloria M. Navarro did not act lawful and constitutional in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and that is a FACT.  

Judge Gloria M. Navarro discriminated against Pro Se Defendant CRYSTAL Cox and Favored Marc J. Randazza and his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group. Read all the motions, and the FACTS jump off the PAGE. The Lies of Randazza Legal Group are easily proven, yet Judge Gloria M. Navarro took them as Legal Commentary and Fact.

Judge Gloria M. Navarro DENIED Pro Se Litigant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox to file a counterclaim, but OOPS, in her haste and err of language, Judge Gloria M. Navarro accidentally court ordered me to file a RICO Complaint, OOPS.. then what could she do.  Judge Gloria M. Navarro already had knowledge I filed in Forma Pauperis WHICH  Judge Gloria M. Navarro IGNORED to favor Plaintiff Marc J. Randazza and his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group. Therefore Judge Gloria M. Navarro KNEW full well that Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox  could not afford to file a lawsuit and subpoena (SERVE) 93 Defendants.  Judge Gloria M. Navarro knew that Pro Se Crystal Cox could not afford the filing fee and had no way to upload a new case into the Electronic Case Filing for a new case. Judge Gloria M. Navarro, upon my knowledge and belief, was simply trying to SQUASH my legal and constitutional rights and DISMISS me, with no VOICE, no due process, no LAWS actually applying to me.

Judge Gloria M. Navarro DID not Expect Me to Actually Follow her Order, Obey the Law and Exercise my LAWFUL and Constitutional Rights. Having no way to file a new claim, I opened one anyway, and the system rejected it. Next, I entered this new claim onto the docket of the old case, where Judge Gloria M. Navarro DENIED my right to a counterclaim. And I QUOTED her Order / RULING me to file a NEW Complaint and she signed this order. I also pointed out the many things she said as to reasons of denying my counter complaint, such as I answered to conspiracy which was unrelated, derogatory and all manner of "judicial" accusation.. which simply, IN MY OPINION, were not TRUE.

So bright and early the next morning Judge Gloria M. Navarro RULED that there be a new case entered onto the docket, and well NOW I am the Plaintiff in that case and still a Defendant in the other case. Oh and get this Judge Gloria M. Navarro is a NAMED defendant in the new case, and refuses to REMOVE her conflicted self from the OLD CASE. Things that make you say, hmmm..

So here is more on that process of getting to District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF

What will Judge Gloria M. Navarro do now? Will Judge Gloria M. Navarro KEEP deleting, striking my responses, my answers, my countercomplaints? Will Judge Gloria M. Navarro treat Pro Se Litigant Crystal Cox with ANY kind of right or due process? Or will Judge Gloria M. Navarro continue to favor Plaintiff Marc J. Randazza? Can Judge Gloria M. Navarro really afford to keep RULING in favor of Plaintiff Marc J. Randazza, Attorney, Randazza Legal Group and directly against the lawful and constitutional rights of  Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox  and Eliot Bernstein? I mean has the LAW and the Constitution no relevance in the Court Room of Judge Gloria M. Navarro ?

Just how connected to the Porn Industry is Judge Gloria M. Navarro and her husband Brian Rutledge Chief Deputy District Attorney Clark County District Attorney's Office?

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Brian Rutledge ... works in the district attorney's office prosecuting criminal cases, maybe  Brian Rutledge Chief Deputy District Attorney Clark County know about the dirty deals of Marc Randazza or maybe  Brian Rutledge Chief Deputy District Attorney Clark County knows of other named defendants in District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF ? I guess we will find out soon enough as the District of Nevada RICO Saga plays out and the JUDGES, Attorneys, Chief Deputy District Attorney AND the whole gang is EXPOSED.

So odd, there recently several sites on line talking about Brian Rutledge Chief Deputy District Attorney Clark County District Attorney's Office being Judge Gloria M. Navarro Husband, and now the links are DEAD, gee how'd that happen STEPHENS Media connections to Plaintiff Marc Randazza maybe. 

oh and those same links had comments questioning ALLEGED connections to a Clark County CPS Scandal, Childhaven, and Gloria M. Navarro. Is any of this true? Got a tip? ~ DEDICATED to Exposing ANY unlawful or unconstitutional actions of Gloria M. Navarro, District of Nevada UNCONSTITUTIONAL Judge.

DEAD Link, Luckily I Saw it a Week Ago, and the Comments, Got a PDF if ya Want One. Boy THE Truth sure is NOT Transparent in SIN CITY, Duh.

ANOTHER Dead Link, Oh Well, We Know what it Said that's a Big SECRET.. 

ohhh.. that PESKY Blogger anyway...
SHE Reads to Much, and THINKS to Darn Much.

So Brian Rutledge with the District Attorney's Office in Clark County is the Husband of Gloria Navarro, a Las Vegas Judge, who it is ALLEGED was overseeing CPS when children died in foster care and at Childhaven. IS this False or Fact?

"Childhaven" "Gloria Navarro" "CPS" "Clark County CPS" "Judge Gloria M. Navarro" "Brian Rutledge" ~ Let's Figure out what makes a Judge in Clark County go all ROGUE and turn
Misogynist. I mean come on, I am a WOMAN, exposing massive corruption, and cruelty in the porn industry and she flat out denies my rights, denies me and my sources protection and protects the EVIL Doers, who are OBVIOUSLY lying to her and committing fraud on the court. Sounds like Misogynist TO ME. Darn, she is kind of Hot !!

Marc J. Randazza and his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group Defamed me, Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox and committed fraud on the courts in flat out lying about me, this is a FACT. I, nor Eliot Bernstein are GUILTY of, nor convicted of Extortion, again a FACT easy for a judge to figure out if a JUDGE wanted the TRUTH.

Marc J. Randazza and his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group is GUILTY of Malpractice against Crystal L. Cox, that too is a FACT.

Marc J. Randazza and his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group are above the law, FACT.

Marc J. Randazza and his Law Firm Randazza Legal Group are protected by the Mafia, Liberty Media Holdings, Larry Flynt, Free Speech Coalition, Manwin, and other BIG MONEY, Big Porn, and BIG Media, ALLEGED.

There is high likelihood of success on the Claim of Defamation regarding Marc J. Randazza, personally and professionally, Kashmir Hill, personally and professionally, David Carr personally and professionally, and David Aman personally and professionally.

Defamation with actual malice, is a fact, yet will blogger Crystal Cox get millions in JUDGEMENT, probably NOT, cuz I can't pay off no judge, (ALLEGED). Or lie to a court and be believed. Heck I tell the truth and give proof and am still not believed over Evil Attorney Marc Randazza and Evil Side Kick David S. Aman of Tonkon Torp.

Gloria M. Navarro became Judge replacing Brian Sandoval, he is now the Governor of Nevada. Judge Gloria M. Navarro is married to the local Chief Deputy District Attorney of Clark County, Brian Rutledge. I believe that Judge Gloria M. Navarro is protecting Marc Randazza and that there is a whole lot of SECRETS that are yet to be revealed in the District of Nevada, land of the never ending "extraordinary" "preliminary injunction".

Lot's more coming soon on the Judge Gloria M. Navarro, CPA, District of Nevada, Childhaven Chief Deputy District Attorney of Clark County Brian Rutledge and PORN Industry Attorney SCANDAL.

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No Word Yet on the Ol' Docket of District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF yet, only a Judge Reclusal but no reason why.  No Forma in Pauperis Denied, Granted or Stricken, No one Served yet, no access to the Docket for Subpoena's... Guess the Las Vegas Judges are trying to figure out how to shut this down, STRIKE me from the RECORD, or maybe, just maybe they are going to actually uphold the LAW and bring in the Attorney General on this one, as those I, Plaintiff Crystal Cox NAMED as Defendants, well they sure have got a LOT TO HIDE.

Here is District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF Defamation, Harassment, RICO, Racketeering, Anti-Trust and more..

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