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"For over a decade and a half, Mr. Jason Colodne has proven himself to be a talented member of New York’s investment community. After notable tenures as Bear, Stearns & Company and UBS Securities, LLC, Jason Colodne joined Goldman, Sachs, & Co. in 1998. He was primarily responsible for investing, sourcing, originating, and distributing private investments across a spectrum of industries.  At Goldman, Jason Colodne also headed the firm’s bank debt portfolio acquisition efforts, managed its distressed portfolio, and participated in numerous corporate restructuring negotiations.

Jason Colodne joined Morgan Stanley in 2004 and was a Managing Director and Head of Global Strategic Finance. The business he built provided capital to companies when traditional sources of financing were not readily available.

While overseeing a portfolio of proprietary investments and 10 other investing and underwriting professionals, Jason Colodne conducted extensive networking to expand Morgan Stanley’s operations and integrate business within the firm.  During his time at Morgan Stanley, Jason Colodne originated, negotiated, and closed over 25 transactions, totaling a deal volume in excess of $10 billion.

Jason Colodne was then recruited to assume the role of President at Patriarch Partners, LLC, a $6 billion private equity firm that deals primarily with turnarounds for distressed companies. Jason Colodne headed both private and public investment trading and worked directly with management teams to engineer strategic plans for fostering new business and capital markets.

In 2009, Jason Colodne and his partner from Goldman Sachs Jason Beckman founded Colbeck Capital Management, a credit opportunities investing fund.

Jason Colodne is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in Finance."

Jason Colodne Fired from Investment Firm for being on TV

"Jason Colodne, the boyfriend of Bethenny Frankel, the only unmarried "housewife," was fired from his Wall Street job because he appeared on the TV show.
"He cannot be on television because the firm is very private," said one source.
Colodne is suing his former employer, Patriarch Partners LLC, for $55 million for allegedly ousting him without cause. Colodne, who served as the company's president for two years, until Jan. 22, filed suit last month in Manhattan federal court."
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"Jason Colodne is a New York-based businessman with an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars. An investment executive, Jason Colodne is the founder of Colbeck Capital Management and the former President of Patriarch Partners. "

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