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Randazza Legal Group, Marc J. Randazza. J. Malcom DeVoy, Ronald D. Green, and many others are named defendants of a District of Nevada RICO / Racketeering Complaint. THEY are the Real Bullies, and Protected by the Nevada Courts. The James McGibney vs. Hunter Moore Case and Connected Judges, Scandals, and Conspiracies ALLEGES Crystal Cox

"In 2012, Moore falsely accused McGibney, owner of the anti-bullying website Bullyville, of "serious crimes that are defamatory per se, including pedophilia and possession of child pornography,"according to a judgment handed down last week. In addition to the $250,000 in damages, Moore was ordered to pay an additional $11,581 in attorneys' fees and $1,588.50 in costs associated with the case."

This is Defamation to Hypocrite Attorney Marc Randazza, this is WORTH $250,00 according to Randazza Legal Group, yet Marc Randazza accused Inventor Eliot Bernstein and Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox of being GUILTY of the Crime of Extortion and ruined their reputation, discredited the iViewit Story and caused MASSIVE irreparable Harm to BOTH  Inventor Eliot Bernstein and Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox who was telling the iViewit Story and EXPOSING Marc Randazza. 

Marc Randazza, Las Vegas Attorney is ABOVE the Law. There was no Crime of Extortion, no prosecution, yet Marc Randazza states this to WIPO, to the Las Vegas Courts and publications world wide and this is not "serious", this is just how Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group does business, aided and abetted by the Las Vegas Court System. 

The iViewit Video Technology, Inventor Eliot Bernstein is said to be worth over 13 Trillion Dollars. ALL of Marc Randazza's Porn Industry Clients, Adult Entertainment Law clients USE the  iViewit Video Technology. The damage Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group did to Inventor Eliot Bernstein and the Investigative Blogger reporting on his story is a lot more then $250,000, and is irreparable, but that's ok by Hypocrite Marc Randazza.

Marc Randazza accused Blogger Crystal Cox of having a Blog about his daughter. Though not illegal to do so, the blog NEVER existed.  Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group conspired with NPR Bob Garfield and FORBES Kashmir Hill to make Blogger Crystal Cox look like a Monster for this ALLEGED blog that never existed, though Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group is involved in massively disturbing activities ( Do your Homework).

Marc Randazza Bullied me, Bullied witnesses and whistle blowers in my case. Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group acted as my attorney and lied to me, lied about me to other Attorneys, members of the First Amendment Bar. Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group controls the Las Vegas Courts, this must Be STOPPED.

FACT: Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group Defamed me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and with actual knowledge of the TRUTH, the Facts. 

I have filed a Las Vegas RICO Complaint against Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group and other alleged co-conspirators.
District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF

Please help me expose the tactics, activities of Marc J. Randazza. Randazza Legal Group, and connected parties that are ruining lives, and above the law.
Email your Tips to Crystal@CrystalCox.com or SavvyBroker@yahoo.com 

"Randazza typically defends defamation cases, but was glad to take the plaintiff's side here as the cause was "just." In an e-mailed statement, he summed up the court's decision. "In this case, Hunter Moore falsely accused our client of possessing child pornography and engaging in child abuse. As you can see in the judgment, this was not just a situation where the plaintiff was merely upset by the defendant's words. We were required to put on evidence of damages, which we did. The court agreed that we proved up $250,000 in damages, which is everything we asked for on the client's behalf.""


Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group Falsley ACCUSED Inventor Eliot Bernstein and Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox of being GUILTY of the Crime of Extortion. Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group Falsley ACCUSED his former client Crystal Cox of all kinds of activities I did not do, as noted in lots of false information on the docket of xxx, filed by Plaintiff Marc Randazza against a blogger he formerly negotiated for, aKa attempted to SABOTAGE my Ninth Circuit Appeal. 

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, and Mike South of MikeSouth.com are said to be involved in or somehow protecting those behind PornWikiLeaks.com, yet Marc Randazza acts so righteous taking down Hunter Moore. There is way more going on her folks, look deep, got a tip, Email your Tips to Crystal@CrystalCox.com or SavvyBroker@yahoo.com 

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group is a LIAR, is above the law, has lied to the courts, and continues to bully defendants into settlements or get judges to issue defaults. There is no WINNING. .. Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group SEEMS to have made a deal with the DEVIL and can do no wrong in the eyes of the ALLEGED Law.

Please help me expose the tactics, activies of Marc J. Randazza. Randazza Legal Group, and connected parties that are ruining lives, and above the law.
Email your Tips to Crystal@CrystalCox.com or SavvyBroker@yahoo.com 

I am not defending Revenge Porn, however why does Marc J. Randazza do nothing of PornWikiLeaks if he is so concerned of children? Is it because Marc Randazza is connected to and protecting Porn Wiki Leaks, I think so, in my OPINION.

Information Regarding Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group's 
Client James McGibney

Is Marc Randazza's Client a Liar and a Cheater? If Not Will SUPERHERO First Amendment attorney Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group sue the owner of this site

If James McGibney is connected to child porn, then will hypocrite attorney have to see that the $250,000 is given back to Hunter Moore?

On 4/7/2012, a Chris Lee of Clean-Search Boca Raton had MarcRandazza.net, complaining about Marc Randazza and James McGibney. On the site there was a letter from Marc Randazza to Chris Lee, March 26th, 2012 from Randazza Legal Group (if you want the PDF of the Site, email me).

So  Marc Randazza Sues Blogger Crystal Cox for MarcRandazza.com,  MarcRandazzaParody,  MarcRandazzaSucks,  MarcRandazzaIsAlyingAsshole.com,  MarcRandazza.com and many more. Oh and he wants $100,000 per name used, yet the Owner of MarcRandazza.net, seems to be simply gone? Did he pay Marc Randazza $100,000 for ALLEGED Trademark Violations, and pay Ronald D. Green of Randazza Legal Group's Attorney Fees?

 Marc Randazza Files WIPO Case, and Accuses Eliot Bernstein and Crystal Cox of being Criminals GUILTY of EXTORTION for domain names  MarcRandazza.com,  MarcRandazza.info, MarcRandazza.biz, MarcRandazza.org, MarcRandazza.me, yet what happened with MarcRandazza.net?

Marc Randazza is ALLEGED by Porn Industry Insiders, to be connected to Child Pornography, is he? What is the TRUTH?
Jason Allan Fischer named in this one too

Email your Tips to Crystal@CrystalCox.com or SavvyBroker@yahoo.com 

HYPOCRITE Marc Randazza Research Links




Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox ALLEGES that there is something fishy with James McGibney vs. Hunter Moore. I am NOT for Revenge Porn, but is Cheaterville any better? The point is Randazza Legal Group getting their way, with outrageous claims. Something is up, and who is the Judge on this Signature?  Got a Tip on James McGibney vs. Hunter Moore, eMail me.
March 8th, 2013, $250,000 Judgement, sure looks suspicious to me, IN MY OPINION.

Is it Judge James Bixler? Yep It Is.


Is James Bixler, Defendant in this Case, the Same as Judge James Bixler?
Wow, Gloria M. Navarro and Cam Ferenbach

Why was Cam Ferenbach put in the Blogger Crystal Cox RICO Complaint, Defamation, Harassment.. Complaint District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF. Why did Judge Nancy J. Koppe RECLUSE from my Case. Judge Nancy J. Koppe, seems to have a great reputation for cleaning up Las Vegas of Predators, why recluse from this very IMPORTANT RICO, and why give no reason?  Is Cam Ferenbach Neutral, or put in by those protecting Marc Randazza, like maybe, possibly the Mafia, Mob.. 

"    McGibney said he bought the site's domain name "to put an end to Moore's unlawful and unethical conduct." Isanyoneup.com now redirects visitors to BullyVille, one of McGibney's Internet properties."

Yep, IN My OPINION, Safe to Say that Randazza Legal Group RUNS the Las Vegas Nevada Courts

"ORDER that this action shall be DISMISSED without prejudice. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, in the event of an appeal, that the Court certifies to the Court of Appeals that an appeal is not taken in good faith. Clerk of Court directed to send plain tiff two copies of applicable pauper and complaint forms, along with the instructions for each form and copy of papers submitted. Clerk of Court shall enter judgment accordingly, DISMISSING this action, without prejudice. Signed by Judge Gloria M. Navarro on 8/27/2012. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - cc: plaintiff - EDS)" Dismissed in Favor of Randazza Legal Group's Judge, James Bixler, or is this Related at All? Just asking..

Plaintiff:Gene A. Allen
Defendants:James Bixler, Catherin Cortez Mesto, Pamila G. Millier, Nev. Dept of Public Safety, P. and P. and Suthern Disert Correctional Center, N.D.O.C. Warden Brian Williams, Sr."


2:12-cv-00664-JCM-VCF Allen v. Nevada, State of et al
James C. Mahan, presiding
Cam Ferenbach, referral
Date filed: 04/20/2012
Date terminated: 01/31/2013
Date of last filing: 02/27/2013

Is James C. Mahan, Cam Ferenbach, and Judge Gloria M. Navarro protecting the Defendants in this case and violating the rights of Prisoner Gene A. Allen? Just a Thought.

James Bixler
Judge Dept. 24

United States District Court
District of Nevada (Las Vegas)

Allen v. Suthern Disert Correctional Center, N.D.O.C. Warden Brian Williams, Sr. et al
Assigned to: Judge Gloria M. Navarro
Referred to: Magistrate Judge Cam Ferenbach
Case in other court: New York Southern, 1:12-cv-04911
Cause: 28:1331 Fed. Question

Date Filed: 08/24/2012
Date Terminated: 08/27/2012
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Nature of Suit: 550 Prisoner: Civil Rights
Jurisdiction: Federal Question

See  James C. Mahan, Cam Ferenbach, and Judge Gloria M. Navarro are involved in
District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL ( Randazza V. Cox)


District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF ( Cox V. Randazza and naming Judge Gloria Navarro and others in Alleged Conspiracy.

Judge James Bixler a Named Defendant in 2:12-cv-01507-GMN-VCF  , seemingly DISMISSED by Judge Gloria M. Navarro to protect Judge James Bixler, who just awarded Randazza Legal Group's client James McGibney $250,000 in a defamation claim against Hunter Moore. Meanwhile Marc Randazza is rampantly defaming Blogger Crystal Cox and  Judge Gloria M. Navarro is in alleged conspiracy with Randazza Legal Group to Defame Crystal Cox, and much more, as noted in the RICO Above.

The Hunter Moore, James McGibney - Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox says there is something fishy, defamation for possible possession of child porn. What is the TRUTH to all this, if you know, email me your tip.

Hey Hunter Moore, if you have evidence of child porn or pedophilia associated in any way with Marc J. Randazza. Randazza Legal Group, please eMail me your evidence, and consider doing a sworn affidavit for my RICO Complaint

Please help me expose the tactics, activities of Marc J. Randazza. Randazza Legal Group, and connected parties that are ruining lives, and above the law.
Email your Tips to Crystal@CrystalCox.com or SavvyBroker@yahoo.com 

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