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Brad Weber BeNetSafe - Bradley A. Weber ~ Brad Weber Former Porn Industry Mogul, Self Described KING OF PORN, now is your friendly "Internet-Based Chaperone" assisting you by monitoring and managing your children's online activity. Bradley A. Weber KNEW that New Frontier Media had a HUGE undisclosed liability, and GUESS what? Bradley A. Weber did not seem to DISCLOSE. What will Larry Flynt, the NEW owner of New Frontier Media Do?

Bradley A. Weber has a Grudge with Eliot Bernstein of iViewit Technology says Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. 

Bradley A. Weber stands to lose a whole lot of money if he has to pay those royalties for KNOWINGLY infringing on the iViewit Technology. Oh, and Bradley Weber of BeNetSafe may just go to prison for shareholder fraud, sec fraud, and all kinds of fraud over NOT disclosing the knowing infringement of the iViewit Technology by companies he founded, worked for, was the director of, and financially benefited from, knowing full well that one day the owners of those companies, or shareholders would owe Eliot Bernstein and iViewit Company BILLIONS.

Bradley A. Weber, Co-Founder of BeNetSafe, 20 years of software experience, technology industry veteran (aKa porn industry veteran), MBA from California Lutheran University, and basically an all around WEALTHY, Techno Savvy Genius, it seems Like.

Brad Weber, Co-Founder of BeNetSafe, Also once of and New Frontier Media, which yes are PORN Sites and PORN Media. is FREE PORN, your kids could go to at anytime, and there it is, no Filter.  Yet, Brad. Weber of BeNetSafe is your Internet-Based Chaperone? What? So is Brad Weber data mining, and actually selling the activity of your children to Porn Companies and marketing companies? Or is Brad A. Webber reall the good guy, the almighty Internet Chaperone, protecting your children?

Brad Weber made / makes BIG Money from PORN, and is still invested in Porn Industry Companies. Brad Weber makes money from your kids watching porn, yet is monitor them from online predators? PARENTS are paying him to "monitor and manage their children's activity within online social networking environments".  Bradley A. Weber of, New Frontier Media now watching your children?

Brad Weber Promises to protect your children from Brad Weber Companies?

Brad Weber BeNetSafe Bio,%20Managing%20Partner%20(BeNetSafe)bio.pdf

Come on, Bradley A. Weber makes money from the PORN Industry Right? Still has stocks in New Frontier Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOOF), Right? Yet is selling a software that ALLEGES to PROTECT KIDS, What?

BeNetSafe Tracks your Kids? They Data Mine for your Kids Information, I Say.,2933,268767,00.html

What if BeNetSafe is actually tracking your kids, and data mining to sell information to Porn Companies and Social Sites? What if Brad Weber is actually making more money from the information he gets from chaperoning your kids then protecting them?

It is alleged that XXXchurch is connected to some scam like this, whereby they get your information and actually sell it to the Porn Companies, yet act as if they are the Anti-Porn. I think it is called controlled opposition.  Controlled by connections to Ron Jeremy and the Free Speech Coalition, along with Ari Bass aKa Michael Whiteacre, and others.

It is alleged that the Free Speech Coalition really controls, XXXchurch, which seems to be about getting folks out from under their Porn Addiction, yet instead may be creating a data base to sell porn, extort people, and possibly even connect hookers with clients.

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox ALLEGES that BeNetSafe fronts as a way to actually get your kids into porn, capture emails and exploit you and your children. And that BeNetSafe actually is a data capture site, and works in connection with the XXXchurch folks, and the Free Speech Coalition. BeNetSafe allegedly fronts as a do gooder site to help you monitor your children's activity, but instead BeNetSafe actually uses the software to find your children and prey on them, Alleges Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox .

So Bradley A. Weber, once self professed KING of PORN, is co-founder of a software company that monitors your children's online activity. Bradley A. Weber, formerly of New Frontier Media which is an adult entertainment media firm bought by Larry Flynt in October of 2012 for a WHOPPING 33 Million. "$33 million plus a contingent cash payment right"

"Such a deal could make waves in the adult entertainment industry, said Don Parret, executive director of publishing for industry trade publication XBIZ."

"The move to combine these two established adult entertainment brands is certainly a blockbuster move, one that would potentially establish a worldwide market leader for video-on-demand and pay-per-view sales of adult content,"

"New Frontier (Nasdaq: NOOF, $1.30) also received a buyout offer from adult entertainment media company Manwin and the local firm formed a special committee of independent directors to evaluate its options."

Source of Above Quotes

Waves Says XBIZ, gee I wonder what kind of Waves? 
(oh and XBIZ is Named in the RICO / Racketeering Complaint of Crystal L. Cox)

I Bet Manwin will be glad they lost out when they see the LIABILITY that New Frontier has that was not told to them, in my opinion of course. (Manwin is Also Named in the Crystal Cox Nevada RICO)

" worldwide market leader for video-on-demand and pay-per-view sales" GUESS what is FRAUD? Not telling shareholders and investors that this is USING the iViewit Technology and Brad Weber, New Frontier Media DAMN well knows they were and are infringing on iViewit Video Technology and they know for how long? Gee I wonder if New Frontier Media DISCLOSED to Ol' Larry Flynt the MASSIVE Liability they had over the iViewit Video Technology?

New Frontier Media is an adult entertainment media firm

"The Erotic Network or TEN is a premium adult pay-per-view service in the United States that is owned by New Frontier Media", and YES makes Billions a year infringing on the iViewit Video Technology.

Quote Source

"Weber also served as the executive vice president of Interactive Telecom. Network (ITN) in 1995",%20Managing%20Partner%20(BeNetSafe)bio.pdf

Ya Know many Companies, CEO's, People can LIE about knowing about the  iViewit Video Technology infringement, but Brad Weber, New Frontier Media is NOT one of those Guys. See,  Brad Weber ONCE offered iViewit a LOWBALL Offer on the iViewit Video Technology, iViewit REJECTED the Offer and did not want to be associated, labeled in connection with the porn industry. So Butthurt Brad Weber went ahead and made HUGE Money with the iViewit Video Technology ANYWAY, oh what a Tangled Web we Weave !!

So, WOW, Larry Flynt buys New Frontier Media, wonder of Brad Weber SOLD all those Stocks? Hmmm.. I bet Larry Flynt did not know the MASSIVE undisclosed liability he was buying. But I DO Know that Ol' Brad Weber former director of New Frontier Media's board, NEW about iViewit, HE Made them an OFFER, iViewit Refused, he USED the Technology Anyway.

Ya the same Larry Flynt that offered 1 Million Dollars for information on Mitt Romney, and manages the Hustler brand. The INFAMOUS Porn Mogul, Larry Flynt buys New Frontier Media,
Bradley A. Weber formerly of New Frontier Media, an adult entertainment media firm, NOW is allegedly protecting children from sites he formerly founded, and monitoring your children's activity online really? And Larry Flynt, well I guess he will have to sue the old New Frontier Media owners down the road sometime when New Frontier Media loses 100's of Millions.

More Research on Larry Flynt's Acquistion of New Frontier Media

Gee If Only Brad Weber would have been able to talk Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Inventor into that LOWBALL Offer, then New Frontier Media, would have Sold for at least 100 BILLION. Can you imagine, if New Frontier Media owned the video technology rights to ALL video playing on every technology everywhere? WoW.

Liberty Media Holdings John C. Malone profits from New Frontier Media, such as On Command Connections and Deals

Crystal Cox ALLEGES that John C. Malone of Liberty Media Holdings has conspired with Marc John Randazza, Brad Weber, New Frontier Media, Jordan Rushie, Greenberg Traurig, Ronald D. Green, J. Malcom DeVoy, Free Speech Coalition, Manwin, XBIZ and many others to silence her blogs reporting on the iViewit Technology Theft. The iViewit Technology is said to be worth 13 Trillion Dollars, and this RICO / Racketeering Complaint is for 100 Billion.

District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF

On Command / New Frontier Media

Pornography Principal owner of On Command controlled by John C. Malone

Much more on the Role of John C. Malone of Liberty Media Holdings and his Gang Stalking, Internet Mobbing Attorneys Coming Soon.

Some more Bradley A. Weber Research 

"This Revised Employment Agreement ("Revised Agreement") is entered into by
and between Bradley A. Weber ("Weber") and Interactive Telecom Network, Inc.
("ITN"). For the purposes of Section II of this Revised Agreement, the term ITN
shall include New Frontier Media, Inc. ("NFM") and any NFM subsidiary."
Source of Above Quotes

Bradley A. Weber

"Mr. Weber joined New Frontier Media in October 1999 in conjunction with the acquisition by the Company and became a director of New Frontier Media's board. Mr. Weber joined ITN in 1995 as Executive Vice President and become Chief Operating Officer in January 1998. Mr. Weber was formerly Director of Interactive Audiotext Services, Inc., an audio text service bureau and information provider. He was also a founder and CEO of the ICOM Group, Inc., an audit text service bureau that specializes in automated credit card processing and fraud control procedures. Mr. Weber received his undergraduate degree in Economics at Occidental College and received his Masters in Business Administration from California Lutheran University. "

"New Frontier Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOOF), a leader in the electronic distribution of adult entertainment, announced that at a recent board of directors meeting, Edward Bonn was named President of the Company. Mr. Bonn retains his titles of Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. and Card Transactions Inc., both wholly owned subsidiaries of New Frontier Media. At the same time, Brad Weber was named Executive Vice President and Treasurer of the Company. Mr. Weber retains his title as President and Chief Operating Officer of Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. and Card Transactions, Inc., both wholly owned subsidiaries of New Frontier Media. Mark Kreloff, former President, retains the offices of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer for New Frontier Media.

"These recent appointments strengthen our corporate infrastructure," stated Mark H. Kreloff, Chairman and CEO. "Edward and Brad bring a tremendous amount of experience to the team and have already proven invaluable. I expect that they will continue to be instrumental as we execute our business plan. Their vision and leadership is essential to our organization. We welcome both Edward and Brad as corporate officers," concluded Kreloff. "


New Frontier Media, Inc. is a leader in the electronic distribution of adult entertainment with an unparalleled library of content. Through its television subsidiary the Company distributes adult entertainment via pay-per-view and subscription table/satellite video networks. Cable/DBS networks include Pleasure(TM) the most-edited standard available in the category; TeN(TM) and ETC (Erotic Television Clips)(TM) which incorporate a partial-editing standard, and Extasy(TM) and True Blue(TM) which incorporate the least-edited standard.

Through its Internet subsidiaries, New Frontier Media designs, creates and implements Company-owned subscription/membership-based web sites for the adult Internet consumer markets. It also operates Internet traffic sales and acquisition programs for the adult webmaster community. In addition, the Company serves as a single source for a comprehensive range of high-performance Internet products and services, including transaction processing, dedicated access, web hosting, co-location, e-commerce application development, streaming media, and bandwidth management. New Frontier Media's network infrastructure enables the delivery of live and on-demand video events to millions of Internet users. "


Bradley A. Weber ~ New Frontier Media, Inc. Links


Based upon press releases issued by the Company, as well as an unsupported
allegation by the Company's counsel, current management may be taking the
position that a required filing made by Mr. Bonn with the Securities and
Exchange Commission and unspecified actions by Brad Weber (a 7% shareholder of
New Frontier and, until recently, a director), impacted the Poison Pill,
requiring a delay of the Poison Pill's "distribution date." Mr. Bonn strongly
disagrees with the Company's position, and believes it is simply further
evidence of the length that management is willing to go to perpetuate itself in
office and to continue to deprive New Frontier's shareholders of appreciable
returns on their investment."

Connected; BEACON OCEAN LLC a Delaware limited liability company, The Weber Children's Trust

New Frontier Media Research Links

WoW Film Production Group and the Internet Group, owned by New Frontier Media? And helping "independent filmmakers license their product", REALLY? Knowing full well that they are infringing on the iViewit Technology?
New Frontier Media Pay Per View PORN, Big Money, USING the iViewit Technology
5 Year Deal and NO Money for iViewit, GEEZ Bradley Weber, whats up with that?
Hey If ya can't GET the Inventor to take a Low Ball OFFER, then JUST Use the Invention anyway, Right? Seems to be the case with ol' Bradley Weber, formerly of New Frontier Media.

"The General Motors Corporation, the world's largest company, now sells more graphic sex films every year than does Larry Flynt, owner of the Hustler empire. The 8.7 million Americans who subscribe to DirecTV, a General Motors subsidiary, buy nearly $200 million a year in pay-per-view sex films from satellite, according to estimates provided by distributors of the films, estimates the company did not dispute.

EchoStar Communications Corporation, the No. 2 satellite provider, whose chief financial backers include Mr. Murdoch, makes more money selling graphic adult films through its satellite subsidiary than Playboy, the oldest and best-known company in the sex business, does with its magazine, cable and Internet businesses combined, according to public and private revenue accounts by the companies.

AT&T Corporation, the nation's biggest communications company, offers a hard-core sex channel called the Hot Network to subscribers to its broadband cable service. It also owns a company that sells sex videos to nearly a million hotel rooms. Nearly one in five of AT&T's broadband cable customers pays an average of $10 a film to see what the distributor calls ''real, live all-American sex -- not simulated by actors.''"

Source of Quote

ATT is infringing on the iViewit Technology, as is EchoStar Communications (Liberty Media John C. Malone), DirecTV (Liberty Media John C. Malone).

Connected:   Michael Weiner, Mark Kreloff,  New Frontier Media, INTERACTIVE TELECOM NETWORK, INC., Michael Edelson, XXXchurch, BeNetSafe LLC,  BEACON OCEAN LLC,
Interactive Telecom Network, Card Transactions, Interactive Gallery, Laramie Capital LLC, Erotic Inc., Longkloof, Michael Weiner, David Nicholas,  Avondale Partners LLC, Holland & Hart LLP, Penthouse TV, Film Production Group, the Internet Group, Ken Boenish, Grant H. Williams, Bernice P. Cotton, Salie B. Cotton, Philip Cotton M.D. Inc., On Command Corporation, Stealth Ideas Inc,  Interactive Audiotext

So how is Bradley A. Weber Connected to District of Nevada's 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF RICO / Racketeering Complaint? Coming Soon

Much more on New Frontier Media AND Bradley A. Weber Coming Soon. Also much more dot connecting, Manwin, Liberty Media Holdings, Corbin Fisher, New Frontier Media, XBIZ, Marc J. Randazza and more...

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