Friday, March 15, 2013

Major Media Women Supporting Sexual Predators, Sex Trafficking, and Rapists? Porn Industry InsiderDesi Foxx aKa Diana Grandmason Reports on the Story. Note that Porn Industry Attorney Marc J. Randazza named Desi Foxx and another Porn Industry Whistle Blower Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayer in a 3 Million Dollar Lawsuit against Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox in order to intimidate me, Crystal Cox an my sources into silence, regarding their knowledge of the TRUTH of the Porn Industry.

"EDITORIAL: These two FEMALE mega media moguls know exactly what’s been going on in Porn Valley. They know My Story and they know what you’ll read and see below.
Why would Arianna Huffington pimp these sexual predators, rapists, torturers and sex traffickers?? It would appear that Arianna, and Oprah, who are BFFs in Biz now, have sold their SOULS to Satan and are working hard to deliver YOUR CHILDREN straight into Satan’s arms. He’s located in Porn Valley and it’s called ORGANIZED CRIME, SATANISM AND SEX TRAFFICKING!!
You’ll see below that Max Speigler, the porn agent who Arianna Huffington promotes and features on her media site recently is the SAME porn agent for Skin Diamond and many other teen girls and young women who he sends to to be broken down. It’s called grooming and trauma bonding, so they can be retrained as Porn Industry Sex Slaves to be pimped to the World. See for yourself how the LEGAL Los Angeles Adult Entertainment Industry is really a front for Illegal Prostitution,Sex Trafficking and Money Laundering!!
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