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Warner Bros. and Time Warner Inc., as well as Disney and Liberty Media Holdings Profits from Vivid Entertainment Porn Parodies of SUPERMAN. Does the Superman Creator's heirs profit from this as well? Also a Bit about Doug Chey, Scott Sherr, Todd Outten, John Calkins, iViewit Technology and MASSIVE, undisclosed Shareholder Fraud.

Warner Bros. KEEPS Rights TO SUPERMAN

Does this mean that Warner Bros. gets to Keep getting Paid from Parody Porn by Vivid Entertainment and Steven Hirsch. Ya Know Porn with Superman in It, a Copyrighted ICON.

"On January 10, 2013, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a 2001 agreement that the Siegel family had reached with DC Comics was still legally binding, thus quashing the 2008 decision in favor of the Siegels. This effectively ensured DC Comics' solecopyright to Superman. [81]"


"DC Comics, Inc. (founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications) is one of the largest and most successful companies operating in the market for American comic books and related media. It is the publishing unit of DC Entertainment,[1] a company of Warner Bros. Entertainment, which itself is owned by Time Warner."


Warner Bros. has Committed Massive Shareholder Fraud over iViewit,
yet WOW wins the Rights to Superman and Royalties Axel Braun's Parody Porn? 

"Warner Bros. Wins ‘Superman’ Copyright Case Against Joe Shuster’s Heirs"

So it sure seems safe to say that anyone using SUPERMAN in a movie, a parody, or say PORN, would have to pay a royalty, a licensing fee to Time Warner Right, maybe even to Columbia Pictures as well and BIG Bucks for Mr. John C. Malone. Parody Porn KING.

Oh and that all connects to SONY right, and good ol' John Calkins, who was, I believe, at McKinsey and Company and is connected to John Malone in a "few" ways. And was also at Warner Bros. and was involved in the iViewit Technology at that time.

"An heir to one of Superman’s creators lost a court ruling to Time Warner Inc. (TWX) in her bid to reclaim the rights to the film and comic book hero. The U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco today said all the elements necessary for formation of a binding agreement were present in a 2001 letter from Laura Siegel Larson’s lawyer to Time Warner’s DC Comics unit. The court reversed a 2008 finding by a lower-court judge in favor of Larson, whose father, Jerome, conjured the superhero with Joseph Shuster in the 1930s."

"The three-judge panel returned the case to U.S. District Judge Otis D. Wright II in Los Angeles with instructions to reconsider his earlier findings."


What is the Real Role of Judge Otis D. Wright and the Porn Industry, is he Pro Porn or against. I mean love the Prenda Law smack down, however, something seems fishy.

"Toberoff contended there was never an agreement because Warner Bros. lawyers changed the terms of what was then only a deal in principle."

Marc Toberoff Should contact Eliot Bernstein, looks like Warner Bros. has a pattern and history on tricking people with their contracts.

Does DC Comics and Warner Bros., Time Warner Inc. and Liberty Media Holdings have to pay   Siegel heirs for Superman PORN Parody? There is probably more money made over the long run by, Vivid Entertainment from SUPERMAN then the actual superman movies.
A new Superman film is scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. on June 14, 2013, guess more Porn Parody will come after that.

Rich Baer, Liberty Media Corporation General Counsel ,KNOWS full well of the SCANDAL caused by Liberty Media Attorney Marc J. Randazza, J. Malcom DeVoy, Ronald Green and Jordan Rushie. Rich Baer, Liberty Media Corporation KNOWS of a District of Nevada Lawsuit naming John C. Malone and Liberty Media, yet Rich Baer sits and waits, on the wrong side of justice and certainly the wrong side of the moral compass.

Here is District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF Defamation, Harassment, RICO, Racketeering, Anti-Trust and more.. Lawsuit filed by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

oh and don't forget Todd Outten, Doug Chey, and Scott Sherr in all this SCANDAL

Todd Outten

"Todd Outten co-founded Zadspace Inc. in 2006 and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Outten served as the President of Zadspace, Inc. Mr. Outten a serial entrepreneur, has over 16 years experience in technology development, implementation and operation. He is the primary inventor on a number of patents in the areas of Digital Rights Management, Distributed Content Delivery and Caching, and Consumer Intelligence Marketing and Advertising. Prior to co-founding Zadspace, he founded Kedidi Wireless and H30 Media. Mr. Outten has also served in senior technology roles at Sony Pictures Digital, Silicon Graphics, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Industrial Light & Magic. He holds a BS in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University in New Brunswick."


Don't forget, Silicon Graphics was KEY in the iViewit Technology theft and that Mark Vena ( buddies with the Porn Industry BIGTIME), David Wang both of Synaptics Inc. were also at Silicon Graphics

Silicon Graphics - Iviewit Links

More about Todd Outten in the role of the iViewit Technology Theft

Scott Sherr,

John Calkins SONY, formerly Warner Bros. and iViewit Technology Theft

Time Warner Inc. FAILS to Disclose  iViewit Technology and Shareholder Fraud.

The Ultimate in Porn Piracy Irony

Companies such as Liberty Media Holding, Corbin Fisher, New Frontier Media, Manwin, Digital Playground, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and more sue people all the time for downloading porn from their websites, even though companies such as Manwin make a living stealing Porn and the ALL use the iViewit Video Technology and have not paid the inventor, EVER.

Warner Bros. may have rights to SUPERMAN, but Warner Bros. DOES not have rights to the iViewit Technology they use to broadcast superman, and have used for over a decade without paying the iViewit Company. And Vivid Entertainment, Superman Porn does not have the right to use the iViewit Technology either.

Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes (Buddies with John C. Malone, Liberty Media Holdings)

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