Sunday, March 3, 2013

Randazza Legal Group offers to represent "victims", Pro Bono such as in Righthaven, then they get the courts, such as Judge Gloria Navarro in that case, to GIVE them their attorney fees from the Opposing Party. Talk about a Racket, Oh, in my OPINION.

Randazza Legal Group offers Pro Bono Services,
then files a MOTION to be PAID, 

Judge Gloria Navarro Says "GRANTED"

"Attorney J. Malcolm DeVoy IV was retained by Defendant Leon for the April 20, 2011hearing. Mr. DeVoy is an attorney for the Randazza Legal group and rendered his services toDefendant Leon on a pro bono basis. Mr. DeVoy was able to secure Mr. Leon’s Motion to Dismiss without prejudice. Mr. DeVoy now presents the current motion for attorney’s fees and costs for his services in securing the dismissal. "

"Plaintiff opposes any attorney’s fees being awarded to Mr. DeVoy or Randazza LegalGroup because it was Plaintiff counsel’s understanding that any award of attorney’s fees would  be directed to a charitable organization since Mr. DeVoy was representing Defendant Leon on a pro bono basis."

"The Court finds that it would be appropriate to award attorney’s fees to
the lawfirm in light of the pro bono representation of Defendant Leon.
(denying attorney’s fees would discourage pro bono representation).

Source of Quote

So, of course, in light of "Pro Bono" representation, a JUDGE would GRANT the ATTORNEY to be PAID by the party they REPRESENTED Pro BONO, Right? Makes Perfect Sense... NOT !! See, if the ATTORNEY does not get paid, they may not want to DO Pro BONO work anymore... WHAT? 

RED ALERT Folks, what a RACKET, Randazza Legal Group OFFERS Pro Bono then FORCES you to Pay Them? WOWZER.. 

I Say, DO Not Accept Pro Bono Services from Riddler Randazza LEGAL Lies Group, Cuz that Actually Means they will get their BUDDY Judge Gloria Navarro to MAKE you Pay THEM after you agree to PRO BONO.. . Another Randazza Legal Group RACKET Subsidized by COURT RULINGS of Judge Gloria Navarro...

Pro Bono is defined as, "for the public good; is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee" BUT not in the Fantasy Land, of the Magic Kingdom of Randazza RULES.

Case No.: 2:10-cv-01672-GMN-LRL, Document 52

Interesting, Rabid ROTTEN Randazza was to be Pro Bono for me too, but he wanted $5000 of course to Start.. that Pro Bono work.. (things that make you say hmmm....)

Why does Judge Gloria Navarro SUPPORT Randazza Legal Group in 

whatever they Say they WANT? And Call It FACT?

Regardless of the Evidence an Innocent Defendant,
Such as Me Gives the Court, in which she rules over?

Quite a "Racket", I would Say, In My Pro Se Opinion.

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