Thursday, March 21, 2013

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox, who has named Manwin in a RICO Complaint, says yes, get Colbeck and Fortress DMCA take down notices, start blogs and post PROOF on top of PROOF that Manwin STOLE your Content. Expose Manwin.

 Investigative Blogger, Plaintiff Crystal Cox says that Manwin is involved in Gang Stalking, Internet Mobbing, Abuse of the Courts, Fraud on the Courts, Internet Mobbing, Porn Piracy, Bullying and Defamation, Harassment, Hate Crimes and More. Crystal Cox Blogger has named Manwin in conspiracy with 92 others in a Federal RICO / Racketeering Lawsuit

Forum Thread "Wall Street Backing Manwin with Loans"

"So perhaps we should start bombarding Colbeck and Fortess with DMCA take down notices. Wouldn't it be lovely if on top of the German tax evasion investigation, major U.S. banks started pulling their financial support of Manwin? See, there's always a way to take down a giant."


Prove that Manwin is Stealing your Content, Start a Blog and Send me a Link at - I WILL get you Found.  Let's show Charlie Gasparino who Manwin real is, and STOP Manwin from the harm they do to individual lives.

Note: I am not Anti-Porn, I am against the abuse of power, against the lives ruined by Porn Moguls such as manual, and what it does to contribute to human trafficking, child porn, and the dark side of the porn industry. Manwin and his thugs have tormented my life and the life of my sources for EXPOSING them.

Also Note that Manwin's main "banking" is based in Cyprus According to wikepedia.


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