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TWX - Open Letter to Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Board of Directors and Time Warner Shareholders. Jeffrey Bewkes, Liberty Media Holding, John C. Malone. Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros. is Knowingly infringing on the iViewit Technology.

"Time Warner, Warner Bros., and AOL Executives have Been Hiding Massive Shareholder fraud for Over A Decade.

There are Signed Agreements, Contracts, and Tons of Proof that Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL did NOT honor agreements with the iViewitInventors, yet went ahead and Used the iViewit Technology and made Billions for over a Decade.

Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros., AOL is involved in a Stolen Technology Scandal over the IViewit Technologies, and Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL has been covering it up. Then General Counsel Curtis Lu also covered up this Massive Proven Fraud. This is FACT, there are Links in this Letter to Prove it, they and YOU cannot Say that you did not know.

The Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Executives - General Counsels and many who worked at Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL over the last decade KNOW of the agreements they had with the iViewit Technology Inventors yet they have NOT disclosed to the Shareholder, Board of Director or investors of Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL. This was BEFORE AOL left Time Warner - the AOL Investors, Shareholders are Still Liable.

Click Below for Warner Bros. Signed Agreements with iViewit Inventors

Warner Bros. Even Signed and Violated Iviewit Non Disclosure Agreements.

There has been an SEC Complaint Naming Time Warner,
Warner Bros., and AOL ... Click Below to See that Complaint.

Conversation in 2010 with Curtis Lu, Time Warner General Counsel that is Now the General Counsel of Lightsquared (Philip Falcone - Harbinger Capital Partners) Curtis Lu left Time Warner just after this and did NOT disclose this Massive Shareholder Fraud that heDefinitely knew About.
Story on Time Warner Inc. Warner Bros Insiders Stealing iViewit Tecnology
These Are SOLID, Legally Signed Contracts, Signed Licensing Agreements that were Never Honored, and Time Warner, Warner Bros., and AOLis Liable for every MINUTE of Video in Over 10 Years whereby they used the STOLEN iViewit Technology.
Those invested in Time Warner, Warner Bros., or AOL will pay for what the Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Executives KNOW and have NOT told You.

Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Executives have Known for Over a Decade. They want YOU to pay for their Decade Old Mistake.

For over a Decade the Corruption in Courts, Law Firms and in Government Agencies have Covered for Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOLExecutives.

NOW it is time to pay the Iviewit Technology Inventors for their Invention USED by Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL for Over a Decade. Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL made Billions a year off of the Stolen Iviewit Technology.

It will be the Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Shareholders and Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Board of Directors that pays for the Crimes and Cover Ups of theTime Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Executives.

This Open Letter Will Go to ALL Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Board of Directors, Shareholders, Insurance Carriers and ALL Government Agencies Involved to serve as YET another Warning of what will happen to Time Warner, Warner Bros., and AOL Shareholders. Just as in theMadoff Scandal, they CANNOT Say they Did Not Know. There is a Whole lot of Fact, Proof that they Did Know and DO Know RIGHT NOW.

Please Forward this Letter to ALL Time Warner, Warner Bros., and AOL Investors, Shareholders, Directors, Executives that You Know of. This is a VERY Big Deal Financially. It is NOT a Hoax, Look at the Fact yourself and Warn Others.

The Stolen Iviewit Technology will Cost Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Investors, Shareholders Billions. CEO Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner Inc. KNOWS of this Massive Shareholder and is NOT Disclosing to Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Board of Directors, Shareholders or Insurance Carriers.

It is Your Money, You Have a Right to Know that Billions will be Paid By Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros., and AOL. in the Iviewit Technology Theft. It is not a Matter of IF, the Proof is ALL there. It is a Matter of When.

More Links to the involvement of Time Warner, Warner Bros. and AOL. in the iViewit Stolen Technology and the Liability Involved to Shareholders.

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