Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tracy Coenen, an Alleged Fraud Investigator, Takes the Word of ONE Attorney, and without Facts or Proof, Completely Defames Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. Pro Se Plaintiff Crystal Cox Has named Tracy Coenen in a Federal RICO Complaint to Fight Back.

Tracy Coenen of the Fraud Files Blogs, has DONE NO Fraud Investigation in the case of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. In the case of Crystal Cox Extortionist, Tracy Coenen simply took the word of Attorney Marc Randazza and seems to stand up for an Attorney who just takes what he wants, lies about who ever he pleases, defames with actual malice, bully's clients, harasses defendants, threaten's defendants and sources, and act in a manner that is not lawful and certainly NOT constitutional.

Tracy Coenen Defamatory Quote, with Actual Malice
Against Blogger Crystal Cox.

"In steps Marc Randazza, noted First Amendment lawyer, who considered representing Cox in that case. After that went south, Crystal Cox started buying domain names which included the names of Randazza, his wife, and their three-year-old daughter. She posted defamatory things on the websites at those domain names, and offered to remove the content if Randazza paid her enough. That, my friends, is extortion."

Source of Tracy Coenen Defamatory Quote

Tracy Coenen has Defamed Crystal Cox and as you see in the Tracy Coenen articles, Tracy Coenen has been told that Crystal Cox was not on trial for extortion, nor under investigation for extortion, and certainly not prosecuted for extortion, yet Tracy Coenen still flat out Defames Crystal Cox and accuses her of things that ONE attorney said Crystal Cox did, when in fact it NEVER Happened.

Accusing someone of the Crime of Extortion and Ruining them, is not OPINION, it is Defamation with MALICE. There is no proof of Crystal Cox being GUILTY Of Extortion, yet Tracy Coenen Says Crystal Cox Extortionist. Tracy Coenen is liable for the damages she cause and cannot lean on Gertz v. Welch nor Times v. Sullivan, as Tracy Coenen has actual malicious and intent to harm.

Crystal Cox NEVER had a blog about a 3 year old, it never existed, yet Tracy Coenen just says, hey if Randazza says it happened, then by golly it did, and that is here "Forensics"? Crystal Cox called Marc Randazza's wife a SLUT, so What, is this a first in the World? And has Tracy Coenen seen the videos and blogs in MASS, of Randazza defending the right to call a guys wife a SLUT. Especially when he posted on his blog that he may as well marry here, cuz he had KNOCKED HER UP...

Crystal Cox DID not start buying Domain Names AFTER the Attorney Reputation went SOUTH. Which by the way, it went SOUTH because he was representing me with NO CONTRACT, no conflicts check, and telling all in the First Amendment Bar that he was my Attorney, and therefore they backed off. My time to appeal was running out and Randazza was acting as my attorney negotiating a deal with David S. Aman, Opposing Counsel that I, THE CLIENT, Crystal Cox had no knowledge of. So ya, I FIRED the ASSHOLE. 

Tracy Coenen Says, "She posted defamatory things on the websites at those domain names, and offered to remove the content if Randazza paid her enough." THAT my friends is a flat out, defaming, LIE... with actual malice. There is no proof that Crystal Cox posted "defamatory things on the websites at those domain names, and offered to remove the content if Randazza paid her enough", it NEVER Happened.  I, Crystal Cox, had no websites about Marc Randazza when I emailed him. I bought domains and started blogs to FIGHT BACK in the search engines, when, a man who was once acting as my attorney contacted Opposing Counsel to Conspire to set me up for extortion, in an act of revenge because I had a domain name he wanted and refused to simply give it to him and do as he told me to do. I, Crystal Cox, NEVER, EVER "offered to remove the content if Randazza paid her enough", There is no Factual Base for that Defamatory LIE, none what so EVER.

Dig Deep Folks, find the FACTS.. or just Believe the "Lying Legal Commentary" of Tracy Coenen for your FACTOIDS.

Check out the Federal RICO Complaint, Racketeering Allegations of Crystal Cox

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