Monday, March 25, 2013

SaltyDroid, Jason Jones asks iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein, "What's the deal with you and Cox? Why are her problems your problems?"

WOW. What an ignorant question.

I, as an investigative journalist have been reporting on the iViewit story in great depth for over 3 years. I was sued by one of those I report on Obsidian Finance Group, which was actually one of the smallest corruption issues I was reporting on at the time.  6 months after my rights violating trial was over, Tonkon Torp Lawyer David Aman sued Eliot Bernstein, named him on a Court Docket, 6 MONTHS after the Trial, and now Eliot Bernstein is a named Defendant in that case. This brought Eliot into that case for NO REASON.

Marc Randazza dragged Eliot Bernstein in, after he offered to "conspire" with Eliot Bernstein against me. Marc Randazza did this AFTER he already defamed Eliot through WIPO, in conspiracy with WIPO Panelist Peter L. Michaelson (INTA) by claiming Eliot Bernstein was guilt of extortion, which he is not. 

My "problems" are No Problems. I am an investigative blogger reporting on a story, and the "Corrupt" within the stories have used the courts to attack me and have brought in those I report on to defame them, discredit and harass them. I am Fighting Back in order to EXPOSE corruption in the Courts and Stand with the Victims of that Corruption.

SaltyDroid, Jason Jones threatened me to STOP my Ninth Circuit appeal, or ELSE he would pressure me more and resort to other choices. After this he took photos from my sites online, and he proceeded to post defamatory hate on his blog about me. TO defame me, lie about me, and harass me and seems to think Marc Randazza can do no wrong. Marc Randazza is the one that caused all this ruckus, over a $10 Domain Name, he threatened I either give him or he will make any enemy of me, what happened after I stood up for myself over a domain name is clearly unlawful and unconstitutional.

SaltyDroid, Jason Jones brags about Marc Randazza winning the Glen Beck case, but FAILS to notice that the domain names in my case are that exact case issues, not a trademark violation, yet Marc Randazza took them.  SaltyDroid, Jason Jones brags about Marc Randazza and the Rape Exposing Blogger, I have been exposing rape and corruption for 7 years, and Marc Randazza fights to shut me down, suppress my free speech.

How does SaltyDroid, Jason Jones not get the FACTS of this? And why keep at Eliot Bernstein, and even posting that Eliot Bernstein SUED him when it was ME, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox who SUED SaltyDroid, Jason Jones in conspiracy in District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF, Crystal L.  Cox V. Randazza and 92 others in a Racketeering, Harassment, Defamation, Anti-Trust, RICO Complaint.

SaltyDroid, Jason Jones is in a lot of LEGAL trouble, as the emails I have from him clearly show he was interfering with my legal issues, he "entrapped" me as he came in as a blogger reporting the story, yet he is an attorney. And then he pressured my on my appeal, then has attacked and defamed me for over a year. All blog posts, emails, and more have been given to the Nevada courts and will be given to the Attorney General.

SO what's the Deal With Bernstein and Cox? Well, Eliot Bernstein is ONE of hundreds and hundreds of victims of corruption in the United States in which I report on. He is a victim of corruption, and I have made his "problems" mine, in order to support the rights of victims of corruption.  Attorneys such as Ronald Green, Marc Randazza, and David Aman in which have brought Eliot to my court cases, have done so in order to discredit the iViewit technology story of which their own clients stand to lose Billions. And to harass, defame, pressure, discredit and harass Eliot Bernstein and Crystal Cox.

So.. SaltyDroid, Jason Jones ... Start Reading, Start getting the Facts, as your Defamatory Attacks are piling up, and your emails to me pressuring me to STOP my Appeal, well it all adds up to .. sorry to say.. to "you going to jail", cuz ya know the {government} only takes action when they are forced to..  Oh, isn't that what you eMailed to me in December of 2011? 

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