Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Stalker Sean Boushie threatens Bill Windsor and his family - University of Montana may pay him to do this"

"Sean Boushie from the University of Montanacontinues to stalk and threaten Bill Windsor, among others
Does the University of Montana have a contract with the Department of Justice or the State of Montana to have Sean Boushie working as a cyberstalker?  Some believe this is the case.  It's one of the only logical explanations for the Royce Engstrom of the University of Montana (shown here) and law enforcement to ignore this.
The story of the University of Montana's participation in cyberstalking will be one of the stories in Lawless America -- the movie and the television show.

I do not know Sean Boushie.  I have never met him, don't have a photo of him.  I first learned of him when he began sending me bizarre emails.  I quickly learned from Crystal Cox that Sean Boushie stalks her, so I apparently became a target because I believe Crystal Cox. 
I have subsequently received reports from others that they have been cyber attacked by him.  I have never emailed him except in response to emails and when copying him on abuse complaints filed with Yahoo and Gmail.  I have never harassed him in any manner.  I have written articles exposing him as a stalker, a liar, and one gross person, but that's it, and that is  not stalking or harassment -- just the news, just the facts.
But boy does he stalk and harass me!  Now he is threatening my family and lying by claiming my wife owns the website and my son is the web hosting company for the site.  He has previously been advised that both of those statements are false.  The site is hosted at GoDaddy.  But the truth seemingly means nothing to Sean M. Boushie.
Here is an entire blog about Sean Boushie's stalking.  I have been sent dozens of documents by Crystal Cox.  This from Michaeel Spreadbury.  Here is an attack onLawless America film subject, Mary Wilson.  It is worth noting that four of the people attacked have been filmed or are to be filmed by Lawless America.  Hmmm. "
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