Monday, January 14, 2013

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox Alleges that Godaddy Inc., Bob Parson, In Criminal and Civil Conspiracy with WIPO and Intellectual Property Attorneys, makes Millions a year selling Trademarked Domain Names. Godaddy gets the sales and renewal revenue, the ad dollar revenue, the domain name aftermarket and auction revenue and more. Godaddy Inc. Sells Trademarked Domain Names, and has been at this Scam for Over a Decade.

Godaddy Inc., Bob Parson woos their clients at trade shows, sends us special gifts, emails offer non stop. And the biggest Godaddy Clients such as Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, well we even get a Godaddy Executive Account Specialist. However when our Domain Names are STOLEN, Godaddy conspires with the Intellectual Property Thieves and violates the rights of long term Godaddy Clients.

I met Godaddy Executives at Traffic West 2005 in Las Vegas. I was SOLD. I loved their look and how they seemed to treat customers. However, I was sued for Domain Names I bought through GoDaddy that were apparently Trademarked, this started in 2007.  Godaddy Inc. lets' buyers spend money on Trademarked Domain Names, and Godaddy Inc. Gives no refund. When Companies such as WALMART and Association such as REALTOR, send a Domainer a cease and desist, they are satisfied if the name is PARKED. Thing is the Domainer PAID for the Domain Names, renewed the Domain Name, Got the Domain Name found in the Search Engines and Godaddy GOT the Revenue from the PARKED Domain Names.

The Courts, WIPO, ICANN, they all side with the Trademark Owner, and AGAINST the Smart, Internet Savvy Domainer. So the Domainer pays for the Domain Name, Gets the Domain Name in the Search, then pays to litigated the loss of the Domain Name and GODADDY gets all the MONEY with NO Liability, EVEN though GODADDY is the One Selling Trademarked Domain Names. Godaddy Auctions Sell Trademarked Names, Domain Name Leasing Sites  Lease Trademarked Names and godaddy makes ad Dollars from the ads on the domain names, even the Trademarked ONES.

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox Alleges that Godaddy Inc., Bob Parson, In acting in Criminal and Civil Conspiracy to SCREW over Domainers, Domain Name owners, and has NO Liability or Accountability. 

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