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"NY Supreme Court Ethics Department Targeting Whistleblower Christine C. Anderson related to Iviewit RICO & Antitrust (before Fed Judge Shira A. Scheindlin) and World Renowned Inventor Eliot Bernstein. The New York Supreme Court Ethics Department alleged to have illegally obstructed justice in hundreds of cases and against NY Supreme Court Whistleblower Christine Anderson. Gotham Corruption Exposed"

"Boca Raton -- Jan 27, 2013 -- ExposeCorruptCourts FULL ARTICLE 
Friday, January 25, 2013
Former Insider Admits to Illegal Wiretaps for NYS "Ethics Bosses"

Evidence was obtained on Thursday, January 24, 2013, confirming the position of a former NYS attorney ethics committee insider that various illegal actions were employed by New York State employees to target and/or protect select attorneys. 
For purposes of this article, a first in a series, the former insider will be referred to as "The Cleaner's Man" or "The Man."

The Cleaner

During the wrongful termination case of former Manhattan ethics attorney Christine Anderson, it was revealed that New York State employees had a nick-name for supervising ethics attorney Naomi Goldstein. Naomi Goldstein was, "The Cleaner." (CLICK HERE to see background on Anderson case) 

"Ethics" Retaliation Machine Was Real

The focus of this initial article concerns the 1st and 2nd judicial department, though the illegal methods are believed to have been utilized statewide in all 4 judicial departments. 

The Cleaner's Man says that he would receive a telephone call from Naomi Goldstein, who would say, "we have another target, I want to meet you…" The Man also says that Thomas Cahill, a former DDC Chief Counsel, and Sherry Cohen, a former Deputy-Chief Counsel, were knowledgeable of all of Naomi Goldstein's activity with him and his team.

The meetings, he says, were usually at a park or restaurant near the Manhattan Attorney ethics offices (the "DDC") in lower Manhattan, however he did over time meet Goldstein at his office, the DDC or in movie theater- a venue picked by Naomi. Goldstein would provide her Man with the name, and other basic information, so that the Man's team could begin their "investigation."

The Man specifically recalls Naomi Goldstein advising him to "get as much damaging information as possible on Christine [Anderson]."

The Man says that they then tapped Ms. Anderson's phones, collected ALL "ISP" computer data, including all emails, and set up teams to surveil Anderson 24/7. The Man says he viewed the improperly recorded conversations and ISP data, and then personally handed those items over to Naomi Goldstein.

Anderson should not, however, feel like she was a lone target. According to The Man, "….over 125 cases were interfered with…." And there were dozens of "targeted" lawyers, says The Man,adding, that the actions of his teams were clearly "intentionally obstructing justice." 

If Ms. Goldstein had identified the Ethics Committee's newest target as an attorney, it was quickly qualified with whether the involved lawyer was to be "screwed or UNscrewed." Unscrewed was explained as when an attorney needed to be "protected" or "saved" even if they did, in fact, have a major ethics problem.

The Man has a nice way of explaining his actions, the "authority" to so act and, he says, over 1.5 million documents as proof…….. (The U.S. Attorney is aware of The Man and his claims….) 

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