Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Speech Coalition (FSC)Exposed. Free Speech Coalition (FSC)using Mind Control Techniques on Porn Industry Recruits. Free Speech Coalition (FSC, Porn Industry Secrets EXPOSED. Diane Duke Exposed. Michael Whiteacre aKa Ari Bass EXPOSED. Adult Industry Trade Association Exposed.

Shelley Lubben EXPOSES the Free Speech Coalition (FSC).

Shelley Lubben talks about a "Binder", and "Adult Business Manual" for Aspiring Pornographers. Everything You need to Know to Make Porn.

Free Speech Coalition, FSC, Porn Industry Secrets EXPOSED.

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is the Adult Industry Trade Association.

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) represents the Producers, the Vendors, Everybody BUT the best interest of the Porn Star (Erotic Actor / Actress) making the actual "Product".  

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is the Adult Industry Trade Association and The Free Speech Coalition is all about turning Sex into Money.

Free Speech Coalition (FSC)
a Few Quotes from the Shelley Lubben 
EXPOSES the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) VIDEO

"Models are Like Handling Ferocious Snakes"

"Never Say Porn or Sex"

"Use the Word "Content" NOT "Porn"

"it's a Very Secret Industry"

"Adult Content Categories"

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) says there is no such thing as "Porn Addiction" yet they say, "Understanding a Few things about Consumers of Porn, use of Pornography is usually serial behavior"

Adult Business Seminar Taught By Steve Harper and Alex Rotenberg

a Bit about Using Amateur Talent

Why Use Amateur Talent?

Models who have never been on camera before. We Show you how to find and recruit amateur talent.  "Recruit" is a Sex Trafficking Term.

"Anything Exploitative is Better"

"Don't forget this next bit, it's important. The new generation of porn buyers, the habitual army of young new porn users, they want to see nude girls all the time"

Pornographers are Targeting Kids to Get Porn Viewers

The Right Way to Find and Recruit Models
(for Fun and Profit)

Newspaper Ads, $500 an Hour

Internet Advertising, Craigslist

Answering the Phone Calls with New Recruits

"Write their name down and say it a few times during the conversation"

"of Course you have to earn their Trust"

"stay in control"

"don't disclose to much information"

You are not Paying for "Sex Acts", you are paying for "Erotic Acting", "now that's protected by the First Amendment, or so they think".

"They Lure in Young Girls, they Recruit Amateur Talent"

Don't Forget the the "Obscenity Checklist"

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox Sued by Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Insiders. 

Investigative Blogger / Industry Insider / Whistle Blower Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayer and Desi Foxx aKa Diana Grandmason were named in this Lawsuit / Complaint by the Plaintiff.  Porn Industry Insider / Porn Whistle Blower Shelley Lubben is noted in this Lawsuit by Defendant Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

Defendant Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox demanded that the Neveda Courts take this situation seriously and print out all of for Evidence.

State of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL - SLAPP Lawsuit to Silence Investigative Bloggers, Intimidate Whistle Blowers and use the Courts to Violate First Amendment Rights and protect the corruption within the Porn Industry. For more on this Case, Click Link Below, or eMail Defendant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox at

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Research Links

Kenneth P. White - Brown White & Newhouse LLP does not fight for Free Speech. Kenneth P. White - Brown White & Newhouse LLP conspires to suppress free speech, supports his attorney friends who file SLAPP Lawsuits against Investigative Bloggers Exposing Them, and is part of gang stalking to intimidate the free speech of Porn Industry Whistle Blowers and Porn Industry Insiders. Kenneth P. White - Brown White & Newhouse LLP is NOT a Defender of Free Speech Rights.

Diane Duke, Kenneth P. White, Brown White Newhouse, J. Malcom Devoy, Ronald D. Green, Shelley Lubben, Free Speech Coalition, Ari Bass, Michael Whiteacre, Adult Industry Trade Association, Whistle Blower Retaliation, Porn Industry Insider, 

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