Monday, January 27, 2014

Crystal Cox did not use the un-Trademarked name Randazza as part of CYBER SQUATTING or Extortion.

Crystal Cox used the Blogs, Websites, Facebook sites and more to EXPOSE the overreaching, bullying, unethical, gang stalking, unconstitutional actions of a man who attacked her, tried to sabotage her, gang stalked her, lied to big media about her and put her under extreme duress. 

Crystal Cox fought back against Asshole Marc Randazza and he whines to the courts, wa wa she cybersquatted me.. BULLSHIT..

Oh No Call Marc Randazza to Destroy their Online Content Quickly

Now remember folks, the SOLUTION to "bad speech" is More Speech.. oh unless its about the MOUTHPIECE who loves to say that all the time. Marco Randazzle Master aKa woman hater, power hungry, human trafficking and pedophile supporting PRICK.

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