Wednesday, July 24, 2013, LLC is Corrupt, Alleges Crystal Cox who SUED Godaddy., LLC answers to Porn Attorney Marc Randazza and IGNORES the LAW, does not wait for Judicial Orders and Violates their LOYAL Customers Rights., LLC has no Loyalty, No Ethics and Violates ICANN Rules and Regulations.

", LLC plans a terrorist attack with FBI and NSA being covered up! makes false accusations against a customer that referred customers to them threw their Affiliate Program exceeding $5,000 while Marianne Curran (Executive Vice President Customer Advocacy, Referrals & Communications) told him "We will pay $1,000 every 2 weeks the payment isn't sent". Accordingly to her statement it increases til paid to customer. To date... $50,000. They have made threats such as "We will crucify you like our people did to Jesus"

Statement: Police agree with Go Daddy and get motivated by the FBI to cover it up.

While underneith the table, ", LLC" plans a terrorism attack against their own customers & all customers signing contracts with them online by tapping and hacking everyone computers and selling their personal and private information to KKR to support fraud and identity theft using NSA programs.

"This could result in them taking control of your computer and data miss-using it to improve the company and take down other web hosting companies online."

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