Monday, April 8, 2013

951 Land Holdings LTD and GBFC Development Plaintiff, Fiddler's Creek Foundation Inc. v. James A. Schutt. Odd Marc Randazza has been SUED by Blogger Crystal Cox and has not acknowledged. Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group is a Hypocrite

Looks like the Riddler has a New Gig representing James A. Schutt, WOW Really?

951 Land Holdings LTD and GBFC Development Plaintiff v. James A. Schutt

Marc J. Randazza is a Hypocrite, a Liar, a Bully, and STRIPS the First Amendment Right of Whom ever He Pleases.

Blogger Crystal Cox FIGHTS back against Hypocrite Troll Attorney Marc Randazza.  Check out the Following Research Links.

Florida, Nevada Free Speech / Porn Attorney Marc J. Randazza files a Frivolous, Costly SLAPP suit against Blogger Crystal Cox, a former client criticizing him online.

Blogger Crystal Cox FIGHTS Back and Files a RICO / Racketteering Complaint

RICO Docket ~ District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-MMD-VCF

District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-MMD-VCF Complaint ( Cox vs. Randazza),%20COX%20vs.%20Randazza.%20Racketeer/Corrupt%20Organization%20Jurisdiction:%20Diversity%20Case

Hypocritical Research Regarding Marc J. Randazza

Want More? Gotta a Craving for SHIT about the HYPOCRITE Attorney I call the "Riddler"?
eMail me, or give me a Call at (406) 624-9510. I am dedicated to exposing corruption, and helpng the public to be safe from hypocritical, dangerous attorneys who work for organized crime. YES, I believe Marc Randazza does, in my OPINION.

Also I noticed that Tobin & Reyes is in Boca Raton, so you may want to have coffee with Todd A. Levine at Kluger and Kaplan. He don't like Mr. Riddler either. And oh SNAP, Randazza removed himself from that case. See he could not SAVE FACE. Defending that BLOGGER yet SUING me, a BLOGGER.

a Bit More ..

Marc J. Randazza CAN Dish it, BUT boy oh boy, Marc J. Randazza cannot Take It.

Marc J. Randazza is unethical.

Marc J. Randazza is unconstitutional when it comes to anyone upsetting his "apple cart" and exposing him or his porn industry clients.

Marc J. Randazza filed a SLAPP suit against a blogger he did not like that was exercising her first amendment rights in criticizing him.

Marc J. Randazza is above the law. Marc J. Randazza LIES about Trademarks in federal courts and to the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Marc J. Randazza betrays his clients and gives privileged information to opposing counsel WITHOUT permission.

Marc J. Randazza lies to federal court.

Marc J. Randazza bully's witnesses, acting as his own attorney in cases where he has "representation".

So 951 Land Holdings LTD, GBFC Development, Fiddler's Creek Foundation Inc NEED an ALLY, or the Scoop about Hypocrite Attorney Marc J. Randazza, eMail me at . 

My name is Crystal L. Cox, I am an investigative BLOGGER. Marc Randazza has DEFAMED me, Lied to Me, threatened me, harassed me, sued me, conspired against my rights and more. I am a SWORN enemy of Marc Randazza for LIFE.  Any dirt you got on him, videos, documents.. ANYTHING, email me.  And if he or his cronies kill me, that email will still be checked and he will STILL be EXPOSED.

Marc J. Randazza will probably remove himself as attorney for Defendant James A. Schutt. See defending a blogger, and the Plaintiff's attorney finding out about Randazza v. Cox, and exposing him for it, well in my opinion that is what led to his reclusal in the Katz Case, AFTER I posted his argument in favor of a blogger, YET he was hypocritically suing a blogger, ME, in the exact opposite defense.

oH and Rabid Randazza, DEVIL Man. If your Reading this, FUCK YOU. Even in my DEATH, I will EXPOSE you. YOU will NOT Destroy Me MotherFUCKER ~ so Neener Neener.

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